Ankara remains in the subway

Ankara remained in the subway class: the public transportation system serving in the capital Ankara Distances experienced in the Ankara Metro draws the reaction of the citizens. Sparse ring voyages, slow-moving and long-waiting trains at some stations and early expeditions are the main complaints.
Ankara Metro, the morning and evening hours due to the intensity of the cities attracts the reaction of the city. Despite the complaints, the citizens of the defense of the problems are not discussed, often discusses the social media on the victim. Stations under water in heavy rainfall, sparse ring voyages, slow progress of trains, waiting at some stations and performing the last voyages in the early hours are the main problems of the passengers. Ankara Hurriyet photographed the number of phone calls on the complaint lines and the metro stations.
Dikimevi-AŞTİ carrying passengers between the passengers who want to use the line Ankaray, the day before the big struggle to get on the train. Dikimevi station, which is used by passengers from Mamak, Abidinpaşa, Tuzluçayır, Demirlibahçe and Akdere, is the busiest station of the region. The intensity starting at around 08.00 continues until 10.00. Up to the Kızılay station, the problem is then progressively decreasing at each stop. If the same problem is in the opposite direction, 17.00-20.00 is the time of work. Ankaray'ı citizens, tedbir We expect two trains at work-exit hours, l using the expressions, reacts not to take measures against intensity.
The Kızılay-Çayyolu line, which was expected for a long time and commissioned last year by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, is receiving numerous criticisms due to ring applications. After leaving the subway to go home for a long time waiting for the public bus citizens, they lost time and had to make extra travel argues. The people of the region said, uy The hours of the races and the train services do not match. In addition, the intensity increased significantly. We travel on top of each other ”conveys his opinion. The slowness of the Kızılay-Çayyolu subway is a serious problem, citizens say, lar 1-2 once a week due to fluctuations in electricity fluctuations. We're experiencing great hardship in workings. The trains are even slow. In addition, some stops are waiting more than necessary Ayrıca.
The biggest problem of the subway line between Kızılay-Batıkent-OSB is transferring. Citizens riding the metro from Sincan and Eryaman, descend from the train when they come to Batıkent, this station is already waiting with the waiting passengers. While the number of passengers of the two stops causes a serious crowd, the two-minute delay of the Batıkent train, which will transfer at the stop, causes chaos. Passengers, reacting to the continuous occurrence of the same situation, gelen train hours from the OIZ and Batıkent'dan coordination problems between those who are experiencing. This results in agglomeration. If we are lucky enough to get on the train, we have to travel the fish farm. This is the most serious problem the authorities have to solve. However, no one has taken account of this request yet. Our complaints are inconclusive. Şikayet

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