Aktaş Logistics Center Project

Aktas Logistics Center Project: In order to be rebuilt in the Niğde city center, the loading and unloading station is in an area that has efficient road transport and which can be preferred by the customers as in the European countries.
A new unloading area and logistics service building with the 5 route is planned to be constructed at the Andaval station in Aktaş Town.
Aktas (Andaval) Logistics Center is projected on an area of ​​250.000 m² and the expropriation and project operations are completed and the tender phase is reached.
Aktaş Logistics Center will appeal to Nevşehir as well as Niğde, so that the OIZs in the province and the products produced in the region will reach the World more efficiently, quickly and easily; easier competition with global capital will be provided.

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