In addition to the tender of the 7 bridge

The tender for the 7 bridge in Aksaray: The Mayor of Aksaray Haluk Sahin Yazgi, 4 pedestrian and 3 7 new vehicle to be the tender said the construction of the new bridge.
In his written statement, Fate stated that new bridges will be built to solve the transportation and traffic problem in Aksaray.
Stating that the bridges will be auctioned in February, Fate, said:
“Aksaray Mayor Haluk Şahin Yazgı will be tendered for the construction of 4 new bridges including 3 pedestrians and 7 vehicles. The bridges to be built will be built in Uluırmak, which connects the bazaar center and Büyük Bölcek Neighborhood, and in places we have determined in order to relax the traffic. Bridges will hopefully be put into service of our people as soon as possible. "

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