Agreement between Iraq and Iran in the field of transport

Agreement in the field of transportation between Iraq and Iran: It was stated that a memorandum of understanding was signed on the development of cooperation in the field of transportation, including the construction of 2 railway lines.
A memorandum of understanding was signed between Iraq and Iran on the development of transport cooperation.
In a written statement from the press office of the Iraqi Ministry of Transport, the memorandum of understanding on the development of transport cooperation, including the construction of the 2 railway line, was signed by the Iraqi Transport Minister Bakir ez-Zubeydi and the Iranian Minister of Public Works, Settlement and Transport Abbas Ahundi.
In the statement, a second railway line is planned to be built in the south west of Iran, from Shamamece to Iraq in the south-east of Basra by a railroad in 37, from Kermanşah in the west of Iran, and from Hanekin district in the north of Baghdad. was expressed.


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