Adapazarı-Istanbul suburban train line stops very few

📩 01/12/2018 16:34

The number of stops in the Adapazarı-İstanbul suburban train line is very low: On February 1, Haydarpaşa-Arifiye commuter trains were removed due to the construction of High Speed ​​Train (YHT). The train is no longer up to Haydarpaşa, but to Pendik.
1 February 2012 commences trains commenced between Adapazari and Istanbul. The first passengers from the Izmit Train Station took the train.
20 was a group of students and students who took the train from İzmit to Pendik. 5 passenger landed on the first train coming from Pendik direction. The first day there was no interest in the train service. However, this number will surely increase in advancing herds. The most important complaint of the citizens who started to use the train after 3 year after year is; the number of stops was low. For now, only the 5 station standing in the suburban train, the citizens did not appeal at all. This train will be used mainly by people who will go to Pendik from Istanbul directly to Istanbul. In addition to those who found high ticket prices, the removal of the monthly subscription system was a factor that reduced the attractiveness of the business. On the commuter train, the full fare was determined as İzmit-Arifiye 7.5 TL, İzmit-Sapanca 5 TL, İzmit-Gebze 7.5 TL, İzmit-Pendik 10 TLL.
Nostalgic trains of trains will not take the train in the new era. The State Railways, which increased security measures, also prohibited the entry of peddlers to the platforms. For two years as a bread gate, waiting for the train service of the peddlers, the hope was broken with this application. Passengers on the train at the entrance to the train; all the boarding passes used X-Ray device and took the train ..
İsmail Özdemir (27), one of the first passengers of the train and baker, stated his impressions: cılık I rode from Gebze I went down in İzmit. I got on the train to check if there were any old ways. It is also very bad that the train is not stopped at any stop. For us to see them. Iz
Nevzat Önür who travels with the commuter train expressed his feelings as follows: eden I came from Gebze and landed in İzmit. I found the tickets too expensive. Pendik-Arifiye 16 TL is too much. The train doesn't stop anywhere. So there's no humor. It is more advantageous to travel by car. The train we've been waiting for over two years is disappointing. No comfort, no change, no innovation. Train the same train. 2 could have made changes and innovations on the train we had been waiting for years. I think the train can only be ride for nostalgia ji
The travel time between Arifiye and Pendik, which is 100 minutes before the line construction, will be reduced to 76 minutes

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