High Speed ​​Train to the Island

Adanaya High Speed ​​Gospel: Turkish Enterprise and Business Confederation (TÜRKONFED) President Süleyman Onatça'nın demanding the delivery of high-speed train to Adana Minister Lütfi Elvan'dan 'Line to tender' response came. Minister Elvan, Adana Airport also gave instructions about the improvement.
Onatça, who has been making efforts for many years in the context of bringing the high-speed train line to the metropolitan city of Eastern Mediterranean, Adana, told the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan about the transportation problems of the region.
Onatça, which carried the high-speed train that does not cover Adana and the construction of Çukurova International Airport to the agenda of the Ministry, where passengers had difficulties due to the intensity, received a positive response to all of its demands.
Minister Elvan thanked the sensitivity and efforts of Onatça on the transportation infrastructure of Adana and the region and gave the good news that the high speed train reaching Konya will meet the southern region in Adana. Minister Elvan said, “We will also bring Adana with this service within the framework of the high-speed train line that we will build up to Habur. Let us give the gospel through you. We continue to work on the infrastructure of the line. We will have completed the tender process of our project which will connect Adana and its region with high speed train yıl.
Stating that they are focusing on railway projects as a ministry, Minister Elvan said, ıyla Upon completion of the project, Ankara and Istanbul will be connected to the south faster. 4 main line will meet in Ulukışla. Thus the South, as well as all over Turkey will be a center can be reached in less time, "he said.
Recalling that the tender of the line up to Ulukışla is over, Minister Elvan said priority will be given to the Ulukışla-Yenice-Adana line on the high-speed train that is planned to extend to Habur, and that a significant distance will be achieved in the project upon completion of the tender.
In the meeting of President Onatça and Minister Elvan TÜRKONFED Cukurova Airport construction of the latest situation was raised. Elvan stated that the failure of the tender company could not be obtained from the loan and said, alan The tenderer handed over all its rights to another firm. General Directorate of State Airports Authority approved it. Icon Group will build Çukurova Airport. I asked them to speed up the construction process and to complete the project by the end of this year. ”
Stating that the completion of Çukurova Airport even a week early will make a significant contribution to the regional economy, Onatça said that they are expecting an arrangement in Adana Airport services in this process. Onatça explained that the passengers experienced serious problems due to the intensity of Adana Airport at certain times and said: ız We have an airport where we are afraid to welcome guests with its intensity and inadequacy. We do not want to experience these images until the completion of Çukurova Airport. There is no congestion in the international section of our airport. This part can be prevented by opening to service ”.
Onatça'nın Minister Elvan found this request positive, by giving instructions to bureaucrats wanted to work in this direction.



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