Action Plan for Highways Afforestation

Highways Afforestation Action Plan: Mersin Forest Regional Directorate's 'Highways Afforestation Action Plan' studies covering 2014, 2015 and 2016 are continuing.
In a statement made by Mersin Regional Directorate of Forestry, it was noted that the 2014 road and highway program was 76,6 kilometers, and at the end of the year, 79,8 kilometers of afforestation was achieved by exceeding this target. It is stated that a significant part of these studies continues on the Yenice-Tarsus-Deliçay and Deliçay-Mersin-Çeşmeli motorways.
In the 2014 in the province of Tarsus within the boundaries of the 37 thousand pits in the plantation of seedlings continue to be expressed in this statement, such as pistachio, oleander, firefly, caviar, blue cypress, figs were planted in the species were specified.
In the statement, 2014 in 10 in the 15 road forest reforestation is done, Deliçay-Mersin-Çeşmeli highway 113 bin pit with mini excavators in the distance of 88 thousand pit dug 250 thousand 75 pieces of peanuts, oleander, firefly, mule, blue cypress , figs, Judas, carob, bay, maple, black cypress species were carried out and studies continued. It was recorded that total XNUMX hectare area was afforested at the sides of the road and return road of the auto road.
2015 64 km highway and highway afforestation is programmed in the statement, the work in this direction continued uninterrupted.

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