Yelki Sanayi Sitesi Bridge opened

The bridge of Yelki Sanayi Sitesi was opened: Güzelbahçe Municipality struck a lancet to a bleeding wound in the district and built and opened the bridge of Yelki Sanayi Sitesi, where the 135 business is located.
Çamlıçay Stream passing through the shuttle road leading to Yelki Sanayi Sitesi in Güzelbahçe, especially during winter months, experienced difficulties in pedestrian and vehicle passage. Sometimes the vehicles were in the creek. Güzelbahçe Municipality completed the construction of the bridge in the 135 day, in order to connect the 45 workplace in Yelki Industrial Estate and the surrounding public housing sites.
The bridge, which has a length of 10 meters, a height of 7.6 and a width of 10.50 meters, was also built on a one-meter well-left pedestrian crossing section. CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Moroğlu, Güzelbahçe District Governor Mehmet Ünlü, Mayor of Urla Sibel Uyar, Narlıdere Mayor Abdül Batur, CHP Güzelbahçe District Chairman Kazım Çam, İP County President Levent Budak, members of the municipal council. Mukhtars, executives of NGOs and many guests attended.
Speaking at the ceremony CHP Izmir deputy Mustafa Moroglu, er All municipalities are working very well, but Güzelbahçe works harder. Güzelbahçe Municipality, amazes us with his work in a short time. Four months Tahtacı Culture House has made a surprise, we completed a huge cultural center in a year, we are still surprised, now the bridge is completed in 45 days, we still lived. President Mustafa İnce continues to surprise us with his work Başkan.
. I would like to thank to the Güzelbahçe Municipality who built this bridge which connects the Yelki Sanayi Sitesi, where the yacht and boat manufacturers are among the biggest candle production facilities in İzmir, mak said Mehmet Ünlü.
Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce drew attention to the fact that in a short time such as 45 days, municipal teams had completed the bridge with all their productions by working day and night and said gün We have promised, we have implemented. After that, we will make Güzelbahçe more beautiful and livable in unity, solidarity and friendship. We will sign new projects. Because it is privilege to live in Guzelbahce '.
Yelki Sanayi Sitesi Co-operative President Dündar Turan thanked Mustafa İnce, the president who opened the bridge.
Then the guests gathered the bridge in total. Invited guests were served roasted rice.



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