3. Why is the airport delayed?

  1. Why the airport is delayed: Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon group, with an offer of 3 billion 2013 million Euros, awarded the Istanbul 25rd airport tender, which was held on May 3, 22 and covers the 152-year operating right. kazanwas. However, although 21 months have passed since the tender, no progress has been made in the construction. Failure to comply with the schedule stipulated in the tender in the past period made it difficult for the airport to enter service in 2018. The reasons that led to the delay scandal emerged with the report of the Court of Accounts.
    The third airport construction and operation tender for Istanbul, the largest tender in the history of the Republic, was held on May 3, 3. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon joint venture group, with their offers of 2013 billion 25 million Euros, won the tender covering the 22-year operating right. kazanwas. The third airport, which was undertaken by businessmen close to the government, has also created one of the most controversial agendas of recent years. Environmentalists have harshly criticized that the airport will upset the ecological balance in Istanbul's Northern Forests. While there is the possibility of expanding the capacity of the existing two airports in Istanbul, intense criticism was leveled at the government that a new airport was not needed. In recent months, there have been discussions about the airport being built on a swampy area.
  2. The developments behind the scenes after the airport tender came to light with the reports of the Court of Accounts. According to the information in the last DHMI audit report of the Court of Accounts, many changes were made in the project after the tender. First of all, the tender with DHMI kazanThe contract for the construction of the airport was signed between the Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA) company, which was established by the joint venture, on 19 November 2013. The company requested a site delivery request from DHMI in December 2013 to start the construction works on the site. However, DHMI stated that the site can be delivered after the final forest permit is completed. In the letters it sent to DHMI on various dates, the company requested that necessary applications be made to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs in order to start drilling activities and to cut trees on the roads required for transportation. He also demanded that the Istanbul Forestry Directorate be applied for permission to establish construction sites for workers and to create parking areas for construction machinery. DHMI stated that it requested permission requests such as construction site buildings to be built after the site delivery, and that there was no action to be taken for this reason, and returned the files related to the permission request to the company. The company submitted the airport master plan and its annexes to DHMI in March 2014.
    According to the tender document, approximately 1,7 billion cubic meters of fill is needed for the project, and this amount is planned to be met from the Canal Istanbul project on the European side, but the timeline of this project does not correspond with the airport. It is proposed to create. In the event that the required amount of fill for the airport elevation is applied, it was demanded that the platform described in the tender documents could not be constructed within the required time and therefore the amount of the fill would be reduced. DHMI, evaluating this demand of the company, accepted the request for the reduction of the jeans. It was decided to reduce the cost difference in favor of IGA in favor of DHMI by means of rent method or additional investment.
    In addition, it was decided to shorten the DB track designed as a departure track due to expropriation cases filed by the residents of Ağaçlı village, which is next to the airport. It was decided to evaluate the difference in favor of IGA in favor of DHMİ by the methods such as rent and additional investment. In the minutes signed in May, numerous technical changes were made to the tracks as well as the above-mentioned changes. The correspondence between DHMI and IGA regarding the construction of the airport revealed that the necessary feasibility studies were not made before and after the tender. Although 29 years have passed through the tender, the place delivery could not be made. The consortium of 1,5 is still trying to consolidate the ground. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Journalism, 5. in his review of the airport construction site, three-quarters of the terrain, he explained. Elvan said, taban The three-quarters of the airport area is not in the marshy position, but a very strong base. We use the 'Wick Drain' technique, which is used in the world to consolidate the floor. Z
    Legislation changed 3 months ago
    Another important detail was included in the TCA report. Accordingly, 3 months before the tender, an important article was added to the Law No. 3996 on 'Making Some Investments and Services Under the Build-Operate-Transfer Model'. Accordingly, the tender kazanIn the event that the contract of the companies is terminated, it is foreseen that the loan debt used by the business will be undertaken by the state. In the report of the Court of Accounts, it was stated that this provision was added to the Istanbul New Airport Implementation Agreement. In the report, it was explained that this situation has risks as well as advantages: “This legal regulation will enable the formation of competition by increasing interest in tenders, as well as providing easier financing for projects that require large investment resources. In addition, there is a possibility that the administrations will face high financial obligations as a result of the problems in the project processes due to the poor preparation of the projects or the general economic crisis periods.

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