What is happening at Haydarpaşa Train Station

What is happening at Haydarpaşa Train Station: The restoration could not start at the historical Haydarpaşa Train Station, which has been going on since the day the discussions about the hotel and shopping mall were burned. The Cultural Heritage Preservation Board, thinking that the delay of the restoration damaged the historical structure, demanded that the work be started urgently. Otherwise, in accordance with the law numbered 2863, it announced that action would be taken against the institutions and organizations that caused damage.
Haydarpasa Train Station 28 2010 4 on the roof due to heavy fire collapsed roof and 1997. the solid had become unusable. 1 in 2006 with the decision of the Protection Board. The building, which was registered as a cultural asset, was built around 2011. The Haydarpaşa project that emerged after the fire caused great controversy. In 5, the 1 Cultural Property Protection Board approved the 5000 / XNUMX Scale Conservation Master Plans. In the plan, the historic station building 'Cultural facility, tourism, accommodation' had remained in the area. This situation sparked the debate. Was it a hotel building?
The court objected to the fairground function!
Both the Ministry of Transport and the Istanbul 5 Protection Board, which approved the plans, announced that the construction of the hotel would not be allowed. The United Transport Union sued for the cancellation of plans. Istanbul 9. The Administrative Court rejected the case. Istanbul 2, which is reflected in the decision of cancellation to Haydarpaşa Gar Project. In the case brought before the Administrative Court, the court canceled the part of the master plan for conservation purposes related to the fair area function. Obviously the historic station building still bore the risk of being in the hotel.
TCDD went out to tender for the restoration of Haydarpaşa Station. Delta Construction 12 won the tender to finish 473 million 500 million liras on 27.12.2012 days. 899 approved the restoration project of the Conservation Board with the decision dated 1. According to this project, the basement floor, installation and administrative units as; the ground floor, the waiting rooms serving the gas, toll booths, cafeterias and administrative units; mezzanine, 2., 3. and XNUMX. as administrative units on floors; the loft was also functioned as a cafeteria in the towers, a conference hall in the short arm of the station, an exhibition area in the middle axis and an archive-study hall-library in the long arm.
Couldn't get construction permits!
However, restoration could not be started. Kadıköy The municipality did not give the construction license. Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu said, "It is not possible to approve the restoration project, which is not legally completed in the planning process and brings additional building to the old building".
One week after this statement, the Istanbul 5 Protection Board decided that; In the 12.09.2014 decision 2126 in question simge un Our Board has been approved as a result of long-term audits and on-site review meetings, and the implementation of the restoration projects of the Board which do not bring contour and increase increase in the number of 27.12.2012 days 899 is available. as the need for immediate restoration, the restoration of the delay of the application and therefore damage to the structure of the cause of the 2863 numbered will be responsible under the law.
You didn't risk being in the hotel!
As a result, the restoration should begin immediately. The historical structure is being eroded day by day in terms of aesthetic and aesthetic. Even though the existing managers claim that the historical building will not be a hotel, there is no obstacle in front of the hotel. Because in the development plans tourism - accommodation function is still valid.



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