In the 2015 transport departs attack in Turkey

In the 2015 transport departs attack in Turkey: the tunnel of the bridge, when so many airports in the metro project of the divided highway and the airport will be opening this year.
Turkey, depart attacks on transport in 2015. Many projects, from bridges to tunnels, from train lines to divided roads, from metro to airports, will be launched this year. Turkey's most important projects and Yavuz Sultan Selim is located between the Gulf Crossing Bridge, as well as in various regions of Anatolia many bridges will be opened this year. In addition, it is expected that many tunnels will be opened from the Black Sea, where Ovit is also the second largest tunnel in the world, to the Southeast. Railway investments will be the subject of the highest number of 2015. An investment of 9 billion lira will be made to railway investments this year. Test drives will start in 2015 on the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku train line, which is referred as the New Silk Railway. In 2003 only 6 thousand 101 thousand 23 kilometers of divided highway network of 522 issuing Turkey, aims to increase this figure in 2015 to 24 thousand 801 kilometers.
We will pass 'the Gulf' on foot
Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, where both the highway and the train line will pass, is planned to be opened on October 29 this year. It is also planned to cross the Gulf Crossing Bridge, which will be the 4th longest span suspension bridge in the world, in June 2015. Other bridges planned to be completed in 2015 are as follows: Ağın Bridge (520 meters-May 2015), Nissibi Bridge (610 meters-May 2015), Hasankeyf 1-2 Bridge (465 meters / 1083 meters - September 2015) and Şehzadeler Bridge (500 meters - April 18, 2015).
Light appeared in the tunnel
The Akit Tunnel, the 14 kilometer-long Ovit Tunnel, the Ilgaz Tunnel at the Kastamonu Cankiri road and the Dallıkavak Tunnel at the 3 bin 100 meter will be put into service this year. Some of the tunnels to be constructed in 2015 are as follows: Mithatpaşa 2 (Bin 520 and Bin 530 meters), Salmankaş Tunnel (4 bin 200 meters), Karahan Tunnel, Kop Tunnel (end of 2015), Erkenek Tunnel and Lifeguard Tunnel (end of 2015)
New metro lines coming
In the last decade, reaching 141 kilometers will be added to the new metro network in Turkey in 2015. This year, there will be new developments in the 4. Levent-Darüşşafaka and Bakırköy-Beylikdüzü, Bakırköy-Kirazlı metro lines, where the works continue. 4. The Levent-Darüşşafaka subway line is planned to be completed in 2015, while the first digging in the Bakırköy-Beylikdüzü and Bakırköy-Kirazlı lines will be hit in 2015. Tandogan-Keçiören subway, which Ankara residents have been waiting for, will be completed in 2015.
Hakkari and Ordu-giresun Airport
Among the giant projects to be completed in 2015, there are also new airports. Hakkari Yüksekova Airport (May 2015) and Ordu-Giresun Airport (March 2015) will be completed this year.
10.8 billion dollars contribution: GAP, KOP, DAP and TRAGEP
Forestry and Water Affairs of State Hydraulic Works (DSI), the prestigious project of the Southeastern Anatolia Project in Turkey conducted by the General Directorate (GAP), Konya Plain Project (KOP), Eastern Anatolia Project (DAP) and Thrace Development Project (TRAGEP) completed when the national economy $ 10,8 billion will be contributed annually. These projects will also provide direct employment opportunities to 2,6 million people. Emphasizing that the most important sector will be food supply and security in the future, Veysel Eroğlu, Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs said, “Therefore, we have to get the highest yield by irrigating our agricultural areas. regional irrigation projects that we put into practice in Turkey is very important in this respect. GAP, KOP, DAP and TRAGEP will bring to Turkey in projects such as a country exporting food to the world, "he said.
Minister Eroğlu stated that GAP, KOP, DAP and TRAGEP will contribute more than 10,8 billion dollars to the national economy, and continued: “These projects will contribute to the national economy not only in irrigation but also in the fields of drinking water and energy. Irrigation contribution of GAP, KOP, DAP reaches approximately 5,7 billion dollars. Their contribution in terms of energy is 4,6 billion dollars and their contribution in terms of drinking water is 510 million dollars. In addition, 2,6 million people will be employed directly when these projects are completed. ”


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