Enjoy the taste of the snow in Uludağ

Enjoy the snow in Uludağ: In the cities like Istanbul, snow means an ordeal, but snow is a bit of fun. In the winter months, both the stress of the city and the address of those who want to enjoy the taste of the belly, the place where white and green meet Uludag.

In terms of winter tourism, Uludağ's popularity is indisputable, one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to winter and fun. Uludag, which fascinates its visitors with its concept addressed to every age and every audience, is really ideal for having fun in terms of both its scenery and winter sports. As someone who lives in Istanbul, the snow is often the ordeal for us. Istanbul is not a black foreigner, but after seeing the snow in Uludag, I thought I did not see the snow. There are two ways to go from Istanbul to Uludag. First of all, if you want to go around watching the bus transportation is for you. Your second option is a sea bus. If you don't want your hotel reservation to be wasted, such as my own, use your preference on the side of the bus. Because, because of winter conditions, some times can be canceled during the whole day. If you insist that I am going to get sea air, prepare yourself a B plan for transportation. After talking to all these bus pro, there is no direct bus service from Istanbul to Uludag. First you need to go to Bursa, Istanbul-Bursa by bus takes approximately 4 hours. You can take the bus to the city center in front of the bus station for transportation to Uludağ. After arriving in the city center, there are two alternatives for Uludağ. Whether you want to go directly from the city center to Uludag service vehicles, choose the cable car journey. If you want to see the enchanting atmosphere of Uludağ, I recommend you use a cable car. The lift costs 15 TL. The path takes about 25 minutes. You cannot use this service on days with foggy and heavy snow. I chose the road again because I am a guarantor. 12 TL exchange service vehicles in normal conditions 45 minutes to reach Uludag, but when climbing mountain car snowfall and fog intensify the transportation negatively. Adding unconscious drivers who try to reach the top without wearing a chain can be a bit boring. There are also trees that were destroyed and covered the road. An adventurous journey awaits you. We were able to reach the peak in 1.5 hour. If the journey is a bit tired and frequent, but you see the top view, you are exhausted. When you see the view of the mountains, the 3 meters and snow-covered pine trees on the ground, you say to yourself: kar Yes, we made the right choice Et.

As we arrived at the hotel, we left our bags in the room and threw ourselves into nature. Although it was covered with snow everywhere, I can say that the weather was hot from Istanbul. Look, maybe it was probably because the clothes on me were protecting me well. I'm not going to buy you boots, hats, gloves, scarves, you've already thought about it. You must have a waterproof snow pants and cold, water resistant jacket. Whatever you do winter sports, you can spend a more comfortable time with these things. And of course you should have a snow goggles with you. Uludağ's mood is never clear. You can intensify snow and wind at any moment and cannot open your eyes. Come to the activities. Of course, there are winter sports in the first place. Skiing, ice skating and snowboarding are among the activities you can do in Uludağ. If you want to do sports with the snow engine you can witness more closely to the unique beauty of the summit. We tried snowboarding. We rented the snowboard board for a day in exchange for 50 TL. If you are going to snowboard for the first time like us, definitely learn from the experienced instructors of Uludag. 1 time of the course is 140 TL. At the end of the 1 hour course, we reached the summit to see the unique view of Uludağ in exchange for the 10 TL (student) ski lift with the slider. And we tried to slip. It was a lot of fun when we had small falls from time to time. We were very novice around like us. You guys be very careful. Because sometimes accidents that occur during skiing can have serious consequences.

The summit doesn't just go for the cream. The scenery is great and the ambience of the café is really beautiful. There's a big fireplace in there, crispy flaming. As a food, we used sausage-bread. I would highly recommend it. Friendly and helpful waiters will not forget. After firing our stomach and warming up by fireplace we went down with the cable car again. In the meantime, we did trekking and we photographed the fascinating nature of Uludağ. There are not so many alternatives to the nightlife, but there are a few places where you can spend time and leave. Whether you listen to live music, or drink your coffee by the fireplace, read your book. Uludag is a place where you can go with your wife, your child, your lover, your family and your friends and turn back happy. It was pleasant but we had the pleasure of having a short holiday. And we're on our way back. On the turn, we chose the ropeway to go down. You can use the minibuses that go to the cable car to reach 2 TL per person. The road takes about 20 minutes and you are in Bursa. When you come to Bursa, don't forget to eat Alexander. We ate at Iskender Iskenderoglu, which is 10 minutes away from the city center of Bursa. And we've decided that what we ate before was not Alexander. There was a row at the door. We've waited for 15 minutes but I've heard that 1 is the time queue waiting. The place does not trade business, very tough sellers. I can't tell the taste, you have to taste it. Two people 60 TL in exchange for our stomach and we were very close to the Great Mosque we went. The mosque is very familiar with the name, really out of the lot of mosques we're used to, it's definitely worth a visit. After the visit of the mosque, we now say the time to return to Bursa Bus Terminal to go to 38 M bus and we ended our weekend holiday here.