The ski track where the 8-girl died yesterday in Uludağ was closed

The ski track in Uludağ, where an 8-year-old girl died yesterday, was closed: In Uludağ, the track where the 8-year-old girl died and her mother was injured was closed.

Other ski operators, said the company in question did not take the necessary security measures.
According to the information obtained, the accident occurred in the second hotels region, one of the important centers of winter tourism, at noon yesterday. 7-year-old Elif Uymuşlar, who went to Uludağ to ski with her family during the semester break, was injured by hitting her head on the ice mass by falling from the snow sled with her mother, Ceyda Uymuşlar. The little girl could not be rescued in the hospital, where the ambulance was lifted by helicopter. The mother, who was destroyed by bitter news, was discharged after her treatment at Çekirge State Hospital, where her daughter died.

While the funeral was sent to Istanbul after the autopsy, the prosecution launched an investigation into the incident. Skiing on the ski slope, where Little Elif died and her mother was injured, was prohibited

Nusret Santur, one of the ski operators in Uludağ, said: “A sad event has occurred in Uludağ. I hope that such an unfortunate event will not happen again. I think there is neglect here. Failure to take safety precautions, not pulling the barrier and net and giving illegal sled caused disaster. We also have a toboggan run. We have been doing this for 10 years. We take the necessary safety measures. This place is supervised by the gendarmerie. But they give runaway sleds when there is no gendarme. This was the price for renting the illegal sled ”.

Another ski operator, Orhan Sarı, said:
“After installing the cable car there, sleds were also installed. Descending customers prefer it because it is close. But they do not know that there are no measures taken there. We have been here for 10 years and are constantly monitored. We did not see any staff there

The sled was given to the child's family. Nobody has seen. The stream bed below. They flew there ”.