The lion's share of investment in railways in 2015

In 2015, the lion's share of investment to the railway: Public Economic Enterprises (KIT) will invest 11 billion 61 million 7 thousand liras this year.
TCDD 5 is the SEE that will make the most investment with a billion pounds, while this institution 1 billion 650 million pounds with TEIAS, 1 billion 445 million pounds TPAO follows. According to his compilation from the 2015 Year Investment Program, the investment allowance, which was last year 9 billion 430 million 300 thousand liras, was projected as 11 billion 61 million 7 thousand liras this year.
TCDD will make the most investment with 5 billion pounds SOE, while the maximum investment 1 billion 650 million pounds then these institutions Turkey Electricity Transmission Co. (TEIAS) with Turkey Petroleum with 1 billion 445 million pounds Corporation (TPAO) will perform.
BOTAŞ General Directorate 550 million pounds, Turkey Electricity Generation Inc. Directorate General 520 million pounds, the State Airports Administration (SAMA) General Directorate of 450 million pounds, Eti Mine Works General Directorate will invest 360 million pounds.
This year, the Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) 253 million pounds, Soil Products Office (TMO) 160 million 131 thousand pounds, the General Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises 150 million pounds, Tea Enterprises 120 million pounds, Turkey Coal Enterprises (TKI) in 113 million 250 to realize a thousand pounds investment.
54 percent of investments are related to transportation and communication.
According to the sectoral distribution of investments, 2015% of SEE's investments in 54 will be transportation-communication investments.
This year, 6 billion 20 million 500 thousand pounds for transportation and communication is envisaged, while the energy sector 2 billion 72 million 300 thousand pounds, the mining sector will be invested 1 billion 800 million pounds. We will follow 865 million 826 with a thousand pounds in manufacturing, 285 million 131 with a thousand pounds of agriculture and 1 million pounds with housing sectors. 16 million 250 thousand pounds will be invested in other public services.
Sectoral distribution of investment amounts of SEEs in 2015 is as follows:
Organizations Amount (thousand TL)
TCDD 5.000.000
TEIAS 1.650.000
TPAO 1.445.000
BOTAŞ 550.000
Electricity Generation Inc. 520.000
DHMI 450.000
ETI Mine Works 360.000
MKEK 253.000
Soil Products Office 160.131
Agriculture 150.000
Tea Businesses 120.000
TKI 113.250
Turkey Hard Coal Enterprises 95.000
Coastal Safety 71.500
Meat and Milk Institute 58.000
State Materials Office 22.000
TÜVASAŞ 11.826
TEMSAN 7.000
TETAŞ 2.300
TOTAL 11.061.007



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