Ski slopes closed due to snow and type in Uludağ

The ski slopes closed because of the snow and type in Uludağ: Because of the lack of transportation between Sarıalan and the hotels, the citizens coming to Sarıalan had a hard time.

Uludag, which is the pupil of winter tourism, left the location of snowfall which started early in the morning. The hotels located in the summit, even though the citizens were forced to go outside due to heavy snowfall and type, the ski slopes closed. Local and foreign tourists arriving to Sarıalan by cable car from the city center were stranded at the cable car center due to the closed road from Sarıalan to the hotels area.

Citizens waiting for the arrival of the dolmuşun warm-up movements by trying to warm up. Gözde Cömert, who said that he came from Ankara to Uludağ for skiing, said ini We have come here, but we are stranded. After that, we will go with our own means. Bundan

Although municipal and highways teams are struggling to open roads, intensive profit is blocking their work. The ski slopes in Uludağ will be closed until tomorrow, and the average 30 centimeter is expected to snow this night.