Pamukkale Express 7 Starts After Year Break

Pamukkale Express Train times, timetables and prices
Pamukkale Express Train times, timetables and prices

Pamukkale Express 7 began its expedition after year: Denizli-Istanbul, Pamukkale Express, 7 year after the completion of the infrastructure work lasted approximately 11 hour Denizli-Istanbul, Eskisehir commenced expedition with the ceremony began.

Denizli-Istanbul between the railways that provide transportation to the Pamukkale Express after the work organized for the first time a ceremony was held in Denizli Station. Denizli Governor Şükrü Kocatepe, Mayor Osman Zolan, TCDD 3. Regional Director Murat Bakir attended the ceremony Pamukkale Express, 7 year after the first time 30 passengers were sent off with the ceremony.

TCDD 3 Regional Manager Murat Bakir, the railway and the upper and lower structure of the renovation work was completed, stating, said:

Travel Duration 8,5 Hours

Mutually planned 1 voyage a day. Within the framework of the program, it will depart from here on 22.05. After a 8.5 hour journey, it will reach Eskişehir at 06.48 and Eskişehir will be a transfer center. Within the scope of the High Speed ​​Train project, all our passengers arriving from Denizli to Eskişehir due to Ankara, Istanbul and Konya connections will reach these 3 centers quickly by train. It will take about 15 hours before the train journey, and about 11 hours with a fast train connection. Likewise, passengers from Eskişehir to Ankara and Konya can be reached in 1.5 hours. "

Copper, Denizli set out from the train series 4 pulman, dining and sleeping cars, total 250 passenger capacity Pamukkale Express will travel between Denizli-Eskisehir every day and 21.55'dan 06.11'dan 7'dan will be in Denizli said . Denizli protocol, XNUMX after the year-end of the ceremony, after the sound siren of Pamukkale Express farewell to Eskişehir.

Total Journey km 426 km

Pamukkale Express Ticket Prices: Pamukkale Express, 19 January 2015 in connection with the High Speed ​​Train from Eskişehir (YHT) began flights, Pamukkale Express, Eskisehir to Eskisehir with conventional trains will take, from Eskisehir to Istanbul direction YHT connection with passengers who want to travel will travel with a statement announced by the governorship. Distance from Eskisehir to Denizli 426 kmand travel 8: 30 watches takes.

Pamukkale Express, which was interrupted due to road renewal works between Eskişehir and Denizli, started its flights on 19 January 2015 in connection with High Speed ​​Train (YHT) from Eskişehir.

Pamukkale Express, Denizli to Eskişehir to carry out the conventional trains. Passengers who want to travel from Eskisehir to Istanbul will travel with YHT connection. Passengers who want to travel to Ankara via YHT connection.

Bus Connection from Burdur and Isparta

By providing bus connections from Afyon-Dinar to Pamukkale Express train, Burdur and Isparta people have been provided with faster and comfortable travel to Eskişehir, Ankara and İstanbul by rail.

As a result of the studies carried out Pamukkale Express Istanbul-Denizli travel time 14 hours 23 10 minutes to the minute 37 minutes. Travel time between Ankara and Denizli will be 11 hour 55 minutes.

Pamukkale Express Ticket Prices

Pamukkale Express Standard pulman fee 43,50 tbsp

Map of Pamukkale Express

Pamukkale Express Timetable

It is held mutually every day from Eskişehir and Denizli.

Eskisehir Denizli Denizli Eskisehir Province
Eskişehir PM10:25 Denizlic PM07:50
Kızılinler and PM10:40 Goncali Muselles PM08:01
Gökçekisik PM10:52 Kaklik PM08:36
Sabuncular PM11:17 Bozkurt PM09:01
Uluköy PM11:28 Pergola PM09:09
Alayunt PM11:44 Dazkırı PM09:28
Kütahya PM12:02 Pets PM09:41
Alayunt Müselles PM12:14 Rice pudding PM09:54
they crashed PM12:36 Dinar PM10:13
Değirmenözü PM12:52 Karakuyu PM10:33
Döğer PM13:05 Ekinova PM11:02
ihsaniye PM13:22 Wooden PM11:20
Gazligol PM13:35 Kocatepe PM11:55
Afyon  PM14:01 Tinaztepe PM12:10
Tinaztepe PM14:33 Afyon  PM12:39
Kocatepe PM14:50 Gazligol PM13:06
Wooden PM15:24 ihsaniye PM13:21
Ekinova PM15:42 Döğer PM13:36
Karakuyu PM16:10 Değirmenözü PM13:49
Dinar PM16:28 they crashed PM14:06
Rice pudding PM16:47 Alayunt Müselles PM14:26
Pets PM17:01 Kütahya PM14:43
Dazkırı PM17:14 Alayunt PM14:55
Pergola PM17:33 Uluköy PM15:11
Bozkurt PM17:41 Sabuncular PM15:22
Kaklik PM17:58 Gökçekisik PM15:48
Goncalı PM18:38 Kızılinler and PM16:00
Denizlic PM18:51 Eskişehir PM16:14

Pamukkale Express, Eskişehir Denizli for many years due to maintenance and speed of 30 km / h due to the drop was interrupted. With the completion of the renovation works, the maximum speed of the line was increased from 120 km / h to 155 km / h. 346 million TL investment was made for the completely renewed line section.



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