Kocaeli Deputy Şeker: There will be 8 connections from Kocaeli to the new highway

Kocaeli Deputy Sugar: There will be 8 links from Kocaeli to the new highway. Deputy Head of General Center Local Governments Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker visited the Gulf Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the program prepared by the district organization of Körfez.
During the room visit, Şeker was accompanied by Osman Badem and party members, Ak Party Gulf District President.
Ak Party Kocaeli Deputy İlyas Şeker was welcomed by the Chairman of the Gulf Chamber of Commerce Mustafa Efe and the administration. Sohbet When it comes to transportation, Şeker made important statements concerning the district of Körfez;
“In the highway works of the 3rd bridge that will pass through the north of Izmit, the works in Istanbul location are continuing rapidly. On 6 March 2015, the main body tender of the highway between Kurtköy and Akyazı will be held. The highway connections of some districts of Kocaeli are included in the plans of this highway, but are not included in the tender dossier. There will be 3 connection points from Kocaeli to the highway of the 8rd bridge, one of which will be from the village of Sevindikli in our Gulf, but these connection roads will be built after the body construction of the highway ”.
Deputy Sugar, Gulf District President and party members, with the Governor of the Gulf. Hasan Hüseyin visited Can and Attorney General.

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