The third airport will leave Istanbul without water

The third airport will leave Istanbul without water: One more warning came from the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) for 3. 2,5 billion cubic meters of fillers for the third airport in the statement that the need to fill, because of the rain can not interfere with the groundwater and this will cause Istanbul to remain dehydrated.
According to the news of Erdinç Çelikkan from Hürriyet, another warning came from the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) for 3. Baran Bozoglu, President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers of Turkey, will be held in Istanbul 3. 2.5 billion cubic meters of filling for the airport by specifying, "This amount fills the Bosphorus," he warned. Stating that the rain will prevent the mixing of the groundwater Bozoglu, "Istanbul will remain thirsty, the pig will enter into the city will be worse conditions," he said.
Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications said, 'We see that the 4 section of the site is swamped by 3. ”We use the method of burying the mebra drain in the soil kullanıy, which is composed of special rubber material for drying of the swamp. Yöntem Why didn't they write this in the EIA report? Kullanıy Bozoglu asked. Indicating that the use of rubber materials should be written in the EIA report Bozoglu, 2.5 billion cubic meters of land will be filled in the field reminded. Bozoğlu, said:
. The fact that they did not write this shows that the EIA report does not prepare healthy. This filling material was to be taken from Kanal Istanbul. This filling amount corresponds to the amount to fill the entire Bosporus. However, it is not even clear whether Kanal Istanbul will be built or not. Terkos Lake, Istanbul's water resources to destroy a project. They move from the swamp approach to ignore these facts. The floor is very bad, a dune area. In order to say that there is no natural beauty, they try to place the swamp approach. They're going to cut trees, it's going to create environmental effects. The ecosystem balance will deteriorate. The pigs on the Third Bridge entered the city, but it will be worse than this. 2.5 billion cubic meters of excavation work on this natural area as concrete will prevent the rain from mixing the ground water. They will also have to go further down because of the swamp. Sounds more. This will cause the underground and marine ecosystems to be more affected. Bu

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