Bagcilar in Istanbul - Kabataş tram services are not available

There is no metro route in Istanbul: Bağcılar - Kabataş There are no flights between Güneştepe and Bağcılar on the tram line due to energy failure at 06.10.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) made a statement about snowfall.
Ini According to meteorological forecasts, the snowfall in Istanbul lasted throughout the day. Snowfall on the Asian side lost its influence in the morning. There was hidden ice on the roads with the night air getting cooler. The teams of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continued to work on bridges, viaducts, connecting roads and E-5 for salting and snow curing especially against excessive rainfall and hidden icing during the night. If needed, the district municipalities were supplemented with salt İhtiyaç.
While giving information about transportation, drivers were asked to use winter tires. In the statement, “ISTAC, Waste Management Directorate, Park Gardens Department Heads, manually cleaned snow on sidewalk and pedestrian overpasses, bus stops, Ferry ports. Metrobus continued to operate smoothly until the morning. There was no traffic jam in Istanbul in the morning. Bağcılar-Kabataş There are no flights between Güneştepe and Bağcılar on 06.10 at the light tram line due to energy failure ”.

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