Iran agreement should be supported by rail

should be supported by Iran agreement rail: International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, with Turkey if it is supported by the Preferential Trade Agreement railway investments signed between Iran, it will facilitate the achievement of determined business goals and would accelerate.
Turgut Erkeskin, hayat This agreement signed between the two countries is very important for our business life. However obvious the problems we face with Iran on the road, signed economic cooperation agreements as well as the resolution of this issue to achieve the success in practice as container block train operation between Turkey and Iran should be implemented, "he said.
As of January 01, 2015 date of entering into force of the Preferential Trade Agreement by 140 from Turkey, customs duties on 125 items in total, including 265 from Iran was pulled down.
evaluating the economic cooperation agreement with Iran UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, this agreement last life between the two countries is important in Iran's trade volume increase in our spot, he said: "Turkey's production, is moving towards becoming a trade and logistics center is a step extremely valuable in this period . As UTIKAD, we believe that the steps that will facilitate and increase trade will also support our logistics sector in the growth path. UT
Turgut Erkeskin, also said that the Preferential Trade Agreement created an opportunity for the development and the solution of problems in transport from Iran to Turkey.
Ili For the Success of the Agreement, Block Train Management must be implemented “
Erkeskin said that despite the important efforts of the authorities of the two countries, there were problems leading to the crisis such as fuel price difference and toll in road transportation.
Taşıma The problems we experienced in road transportation with Iran are well known; For the success of the application signed economic cooperation agreements, as well as the solution of these issues with Turkey should be launched between Iran and block train operations. Republic of Turkey by Turkish State Railways between Europe and Turkey as well as the container block train operation is being applied for many years in Iran should soon sign agreements for the container block train operation and tariffs should be determined. "
”What is Container Block Train Management?“
UTIKAD President Erkeskin, container block train transportation and foreign trade transport is done in a more systematic and safe environment, stating that "the specified maximum length and tonnage between the two points between the uninterrupted container block train transportation is aimed at both lowering the costs and accelerating transportation," he said.
Erkeskin of an intermodal transportation system will be developed between Turkey and Iran expected in a rising graphs increase in the volume of existing trade during this period to recover from one type of transportation connected to the highway and logistics sector, as well, he said it would be a very important alternative to transport sea that can not meet demand because of the embargo on Iran.



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