Iran Agrees with Turkey, Door Opened to Increase Exports

Agree with Turkey, Iran Export Growth Door Opened: Batumi Logistics Board Chairman Taner Ankara, the agreement will make a significant contribution to the logistics sector, he said.
An agreement on the establishment of a new railway line between Turkey and Iran was reached. With the agreement, an increase in exports to Iran and countries crossing Iran is expected.
Taner Ankara, Batu Logistics Chairman of the Board, emphasizing the importance of the railway line with Iran, emphasized that the agreement will make significant contributions to the logistics sector.
During the meeting, where Minister of Development Cevdet Yılmaz met with Iranian Communications Technologies and Communication Minister Mahmut Vaizi, important decisions were taken for the development of trade. A railway line will be established between the two countries. With the agreement, it is aimed to increase mutual investments and trade volume. In the meeting, the first steps were taken to sign a free trade agreement between the two countries.
Passage issue will be eliminated
Touching on the problems with Iran last year, Taner Ankara said, “The high fees and toll issues received last year will disappear with this agreement. Making the transports by rail will also reduce costs. ” used expressions.
“Iran is a strategic point…”
Taner pointed out that there is an important point for the logistics sector in Turkey, Iran Ankara, "the volume of trade between Iran and Turkey last year totaled about $ 12 billion. Iran is both a region where our logistics transportation is dense and our transit point to Turkish Republics and East Asia. The railway line to be constructed will positively affect our exports to Asia. ”

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