Havaray will increase the prices of housing in Tuzla to ease traffic

Havaray Tuzla will relieve the traffic prices will multiply housing: Tuzla Mayor Şadi Yazıcı said: la Havaray will contribute to the region in economic and social sense. Tuzla, with the implementation of this project will gain a clean identity, bu he said.
Housing producers stated that the havaray project will increase the real estate value as well as to ease the traffic. '% 87 premium' Technical Structure Chairman Nazmi Durbakayım, Tuzla's 4 access artery was added to the value of the position that states, said: The premium interest will increase as well if there is a return on air. We observed a premium increase around 100 percent. At present, we are expecting the general sales and existing occupants to be aware of a significant development. Both will quickly accelerate the sale of our final dwellings, as well as invest in the region and attract the session. We think that Havaray will be connected to the airfield. It will bring a new popularity to the region. Because there is a rapid development in the region. 87 - 2015 will be the year of investment in terms of Tuzla. Our Turkish Delight Houses project is also in the region. In addition, there are many projects we have done in the region. It enables us to accelerate our sales. Biz Turgay Tanes, General Manager of ISGYO, stated that many public projects were made in Tuzla and its vicinity and said: kam We have also made a housing project and we have a mixed project. In the region, new investments such as university and Health Institution are increasing. When it comes to havaray, not only in terms of Istanbul, but an entire Anatolian side, South Marmara, the North Aegean will become an important area to be integrated with the future. said: bit Our project in the region ends in June. But we are looking for new places in Tuzla. Tuzla was not where it deserved it, it will take its rightful place in the next process. It is an important development for the region, especially for the contractors who make good works in Tuzla and their growth over time. Prices are not as before, land values ​​have increased considerably. Our square meter prices for 2016 thousands 1 TL in our Aydoğan Park Tuzla 2 and Aydoğan Park Tuzla 2 projects increased to 700 3.000 TL within a year. Bizim

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