Eskişehir will be Europe's favorite with URAYSİM

Eskişehir will be the favorite of Europe with URAYSİM: The National Rail Systems Research and Test Center, whose short name is URAYSİM, is now preparing to move on. Turkey will close an important gap in the railway vehicles to perform the test and the center, which will put an end to dependence on overseas terms of the certification to be made to Alpu district by Anadolu University and will begin to invest in next spring.
URAYSİM project was put forward for the first time with the introduction of the national high speed train project. Turkey's decision to establish its own test center in order to apply for and obtain certification of train testing and Anadolu University aspire to be the work of this project URAYS caused the expulsion of the first steps. The test and certification of all towing and towing vehicles on railways will be carried out at URAYSİM, which will be established in 2018 for the purpose of testing and certification of the national train planned to be on the tracks, and will serve not only to the region but also to the surrounding countries. Railroad companies in European countries will come to Eskişehir for testing and certification.
In the center, 400 km test path where the trains can be tested at 50 km will include workshops, research and training buildings, accommodation places where machines and machines will be tested for static and dynamic tests. There will be an R & D Center within the body of URAYSİM which will prepare the ground for the production of high-tech products. The total 700 land will be built on land, the center will cost 540 million pounds.
I URAYS, not only for Eskisehir, also a very important project for Turkey. Because, not only in Turkey do not have such a center in this region. It is the only country in the world, the most comprehensive is in Germany, the Czech Republic and the United States. Eskişehir I URAYS be made to Alpu district, the examples in the world will be more technological and more equipped and Turkey thanks to URAYS to remain the prototype trains have to send abroad can hold subject to testing within its own borders, certification can be.
The Center's economic contribution in terms of both Eskisehir to prevent the loss of foreign exchange will provide significant benefits to Turkey. It will open the way for Eskişehir to be an important regional center on rail systems, while at the same time, 500 will create employment and contribute to the workforce.

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