Does the asphalt share get up

Does the asphalt share go up: Does the asphalt benefit get up? Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Melih Gokcek talked about the participation rates of the asphalt that caused the debate.
He announced that the municipality will decide not to charge this tax in the future. Gökçek came up with a new proposal in the provision of money, and said “Let us use asphalt” and pointed out the car owners.
Speaking in the joint live broadcast of 17 separate radio stations, according to the proposal of Gökçek, each car owner will pay 15 lira per month. This makes 180 pounds a year.
Levent Gök, the Deputy Chairman of the Republican People's Party, said that CHP municipal council members prepared a proposal to give up the share of asphalt participation.
Gök, "It is simple to solve this problem, it is easy, let Melih Gökçek support the CHP's proposal on this matter." said.
What if the buyer of the asphalt is abandoned, can the payers get their money back?
Lawyer Murat Uçar, who reminded the Constitutional Court about the application of violation of rights, warned the citizens. Lawyer Uçar said, “They can immediately go to the Administrative Court and file a lawsuit to get their money back. They can sue the Administrative Court and get it back, ”he said.
Lawyer Uçar, asphalt participation from the owners of the car share of the right to claim a new violation of the rights claimed.


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