Details on Kerch Bridge Project Announced

kirim kerc bridge
kirim kerc bridge

Details about the Kerch Bridge project, which will connect Russia and the Crimean peninsula and whose investment cost is announced as 3,5 billion dollars, have been revealed. According to the report of Vedomosti newspaper, which is based on sources close to the Ministry of Transport, the bridge project that will connect Russia to Crimea through the Kerch Strait, the famous oligarch Arkadi Rotenberg Stroygaz assembly It was announced that it was undertaken by the company.

The bridge, which is planned to be constructed by Stroygazmontage company, the biggest contractor of the natural gas giant Gazprom, is expected to be 19 kilometers long.

The construction of the bridge, which will have an annual 100 million tons of freight capacity, is planned to be completed in 2018. The bridge, which will connect the Crimean peninsula with the territory of Russia, will provide passage for both rail and highway.

Kerch Bridge Project

The length of the bridge is about 19 kilometers and it cost $ 3 billion. The highway part will open in May 6, while the railway part will be operational in 2018. It is expected that 2019 million passengers and 6 million tons of cargo will pass through the bridge, which was completed 14 months before the work schedule. A new transportation model has been realized between Russia and Crimea, which were previously only connected by ferry services with the Crimean bridge. The bridge caused reactions from various countries and Ukraine.



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