Highway Policemen Began to Work in Aydın

Motorway Police Officers Started to Work in Aydın: The vehicles that were prepared for highway police and attracted attention with their special design started in Aydın. One of the 260 vehicles that the General Directorate of Security acquired was sent to Aydın. Mehmet Ali Gündoğdu, Deputy Director of Aydın Regional Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate, who made statements on the subject, said, “Our vehicle has started to serve on the Aydın-İzmir highway. Thanks to the signs on our vehicles, our police friends can write the warnings they want and warn the drivers.
Thanks to these signs warning drivers, as in Europe, traffic police will be in contact with drivers in highway traffic. Thus, warning messages of highway traffic policemen can be transmitted directly to drivers. The lanes on the vehicles are also designed in green, the signage color of the highways. The teams, which will work at the ring and fixed points for 24 hours from the Izmir provincial border to the Aydın highway end, will both inspect the traffic and evaluate the complaints that the drivers report to Alo 154 during the journey. We currently operate these vehicles in all of our motorways in Turkey. It has been operating in Aydın since the beginning of December ”.

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