75 years TÜDEMSAŞ Turkey to Produce Wagon Load

75 years TÜDEMSAŞ Turkey to Produce Wagon Load: engaged in producing world-class, the largest company in the manufacturing sector of the freight car Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. 75 recentlycelebrated its th year. Tudemsas General Manager and Chairman of Board of Directors, Yıldıray Koçarslan said, ”The private sector in the production of freight wagons has not yet reached the point where it should be. The railways need the energy and dynamism of the private sector. As Tudemsas, we aim to establish a cooperation based on fellowship with the private sector companies, and to transfer our knowledge and experience to our 75 annually and to bring the Turkish railway industry to a scale of global scale. T With the new facilities, technological looms, laboratories and training centers, Tüdemsaş's General Manager and Chairman of the Board, Yıldıray Koçarslan, who has captured the quality standards of the era, had a pleasant conversation about the future of the railways and the innovative face of Tudemsas. Underlining that the sub-legislative works of the Law on the Liberalization of Railways will be completed and the necessary transformation in TCDD will be achieved, there will be great developments in railway freight transportation. This giant company, which has been serving Turkish Railways for years, has been able to remain young and dynamic by renewing itself every day. This year 75. Celebrating your year. Tudemsas is 75 years old but still young and innovative. The latest innovation is the next-generation platform carriage Rgns. Can you inform us about the R & D and production stages of this wagon, which is the lightest wagon in Europe in its field? Yes, we recently celebrated our company's 75 year. We have realized various activities in the historical city square of Sivas and we introduced the new generation platform transportation wagon of Rgns type, which was produced according to our latest project TSI conditions. This wagon is designed to meet the demands of logistic companies, which are renewing itself every day and looking for alternative transportation methods. This product, which was designed as a new generation freight car, was designed as a solid model in computer environment. Later, two prototypes of our RGNS type carriage were performed. Static, dynamic tests and buffering tests were performed with these prototypes in Eskişehir. These wagons are then sent to the Czech Republic under the supervision of the Notified Body (NoBo). The most important feature of this wagon for us; is the platform type freight wagon which is produced in compliance with TSI (Technical Specifications of Interoperability) certification of freight wagons operating in the first, Trans European Railway (TEN) network of our country. What are the innovations and advantages of this wagon in the railway sector? In the logistics sector, there are borders between countries. Taking this into consideration, it is necessary to analyze the logistics sector's needs and demands very well while working on wagon projects. As a company, our goal is not only does Turkey. In line with the objective of dışına developing effective and innovative marketing strategies, opening up to different markets and exporting the products you produce abroad ”, our Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Mr. Lütfi Elvan, for our company; We have been focusing on the areas with the potential of freight cars such as the European countries, Middle East and North Africa. We follow the developments in these countries through international fairs, conferences and seminars and periodicals. We are also monitoring their needs while projecting our products. The most recent example is the Rgns platform-type cargo wagon with TSI certification. This all-national design, the 80 is a totally innovative product with a different loading scenario and an integrated (compact) bogie brake system. This wagon was manufactured not only for container transportation but also for carrying very different loads. This wagon is the lightest and most versatile cargo wagon in Europe with its 20 tone tare. Considering that the average service life of a wagon in our country is 40 year, this wagon, with the same type of wagon working in our country's rail network, pays itself the average 6 times over its operating life when compared to the operational aspect (in terms of load in relation to the narrowing). Tüdemsaş also plays an important role in the national train project. You will manufacture the advanced freight wagons of the national train. Can you share the details of your role in this project and the current situation with us? In recent years; In order to save our country from foreign dependency, in line with the needs of the country, there are serious works in the sense of exporting this technology to other countries which produce advanced technological products nationally, with domestic opportunities and then demand. Tudemsas is the project manager of the New Generation National Freight Wagon Project within the National Train Project, which is the pillar of these works in the railway sector. With the coordination of TCDD, a large number of technical personnel from Karabük and Cumhuriyet Universities and employees of our Company are working intensively for this project. In this context, 13 participated in 20 separate international event, 83 technical staff. In line with the concept studies; Initially literature review was performed. Participation in international seminars, conferences and fairs. Interviews were held with project companies. As a result of the meetings with TCDD General Directorate and National Train Working Group, it was decided to build Sggmrs twin, three bogie and hinged, integrated (compact) H-type bogie platform wagons. Hopefully, until the end of 2016 year, we will start mass production by completing the project, prototype production and certification of our National Freight Wagon. Tüdemsaş stands out with its power to use R & D and technology. In this context; Can you tell us about the new facilities and investments you have added to your factory? As a company, we closely follow all technological developments related to our sector. In order to have a say in the world arena, we know that you need to keep yourself young. We are the most equipped company in the sector thanks to the modern and technological machines, facilities and test stations we use in the production line. We use robot welding technology to manufacture the bogie which is the most important part of the wagon. We have renewed the many fixtures and molds we have used in the production of bogie. Our material stock areas and warehouses have been modernized and renewed within the scope of TSI certification. Our indoor areas are increased by more than 100 and equipped with modern shelving systems. In order to follow the material movements more easily, the barcode system was started. In the same way, we have rearranged the necessary technological transformation in our Quality Control Laboratories. Mechanical and Chemical Laboratories and the Calibration Unit were assembled together to provide a modern structure. As with production, we are strengthening our technical infrastructure more and more with maintenance of new facilities and looms. All the wagons that come to our company for maintenance and repair are sandblasted and repaired with the help of robots. This facility will do the job and technology with Turkeyis also a first.
In addition to the wagon sandblasting and painting plant located in our production factory, we are planning to bring our new wagon washing and painting plant to our repair factory in 2015.
In addition to our facilities and technology, our certification works, which are a visa for international markets, continue at full speed. The TSI certification process is about to be completed for the Rgns-type platform wagon. As of the 2015 year, this certificate will be issued for each new type of wagon and our wagons will serve on international lines outside our country.
ECM (Maintenance and Maintenance System) - Maintenance Supply System studies are also continuing. As of 2015, this study will be completed.
I think that quality production can be achieved through the joint efforts of our employees. In order to raise the quality awareness of our personnel to the highest levels and to improve our employees, we constantly receive trainings for our employees. Our Welding Technologies Training Center, which is a product of this understanding, has no other examples in our region. In this center, welders working in our company, TCDD employees and welders working in the private sector are trained theoretically by our welding engineer expert staff. They are then subjected to practice training with the welding simulator and then complete their training by performing different welding methods with real welding machines. At the end of the training, the accredited institutions are subject to the exam and the successful ones are given the Welder Certificate.
What are your new investments, projects and works? What are the benefits to Tüdemsaş and the Turkish railway sector?
Freight car production, maintenance, repair, and our company is the largest industrial company in Turkey in the revision points, 75 years of experience and technological sense, we in the boxcar through new investments made, world-class company with ease in a position to compete.
TÜDEMSAŞThe most important goal of; to make the railway wagon base through Tudemsas further by expanding the railway sub-industry which started to occur in our region at the point of production, maintenance-repair and supply of spare parts of railway freight vehicles. In order to reach the target of agon increasing the share of railway freight transport in total transportation agon among the 2023 targets of our country, there is a need for more than a thousand new freight wagons. It will be possible with Tudemsas to meet the needs of this freight wagon with a strong railway industry and supplier industry. Since the last 40 was produced with our own facilities, the private sector did not show much improvement in this area. However, in order to close the labor force gap that has emerged with our increasing production in recent years and to attract the energy and dynamism of the private sector to the railway industry, we have started to do some work to the market. We see that the collaborations we have established with them on the basis of fellowship have positive effects on the sector in terms of the growth of the railway supply industry. Some of the companies that do business to us today have made production and selling goods to companies with large scale in global scale. This development is very pleasing for the Turkish railway industry. We left the 5 behind. What is the year for both you and the sector in general? Do you think the appropriate steps have been taken for 2014? When you look at the whole year; What are the pros, cons, what to do and what are the achievements? 2023 year was successful for our company. % 2014 in our production and repair targetss have taken a realization around.
In line with the target of m increasing the share of private sector in the production, maintenance and repair of freight wagons or in the 2023 railway vision of our country, we are contracting some of our works to the market and building the subcontractors in order to ensure the development of the newly developing railway industry in our country. However, Turkey did not develop general and complete our work was a bit difficult as the railway industry, especially in our region. The fact that the number of experienced firms in different sectors related to the sector (such as casting, forging, steel construction works) is low, has caused us some problems in terms of the production of the products supplied from the sub-industry according to the standards of the parties, production in accordance with the standards and in time delivery. These problems caused deviations in our growing production target.
Our country is moving towards 2023 targets with decisive and sure steps. You can see this when you follow the studies and investments in the railway sector. For example, MarmarayThe first phase of the project was completed. The Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line project, which is named as Demir Ipekyolu Project, has taken considerable distances. The 3 bridge and the railway line passing through the center continue at full speed. TCDDrestructuring of 2015 will be completed in the first months. When these works are completed, the railway industry in our country will grow even more, and the share we receive from 75 billion $ transportation volume between Europe and Asia will increase. As a natural consequence of this, our country will be one of the main actors in the global railway sector in the coming years and our field of activity will expand in the world.
How do you foresee a 2015 year? In which direction will your new investments and projects be?
As Tudemsas, we attach special importance to the management systems and certification studies which are visas in national and international markets. We have many quality and management system certificates required by the institutions that give importance to qualified workforce and quality and which are required by the sector. However, in the COTIF Convention of the OTIF, which is established for the purpose of ensuring and improving the integrity of the freight and passenger transportation rules on railways, the contracting countries are obliged to ensure that the freight wagons operated on the railway lines within its borders are safely produced and serviced. The TSI (Mutual Operability Technical Specifications) certification process, which we have initiated from this situation, which is a necessity for our country, is about to be completed for the Rgns platform-type wagon. In the 2015 year, we will complete this process for the other wagons Sgns platform type cargo wagons, Talns type closed ore wagons and Zacens type heated fuel transport wagons and we will mass-produce these wagons.
Sgns platform type freight wagons conforming to TSI conditions, max. 18 will be the lightest tariff wagon in Europe with the tonnage.
In line with the requirements of OTIF, we will complete the maintenance procurement function certification works that we have started by taking into account the necessity of the maintenance, repair and revision of the freight wagons manufactured according to TSI conditions within the scope of the ECM Maintenance Management System and by the end of 2015.
In addition, we are planning to complete the modernization of the factory that we have initiated in our old Foundry Factory and the conversion of the ECM Maintenance Management System requirements to the end of 2015 in order to ensure that the other wagons we do maintenance, repairs and revisions are made according to this system. Once the conversion of our foundry factory is completed, this will be a modern factory that will be needed in the maintenance and repair of wagons, including many side facilities (such as wagon washers, wagon sandblasting and painting units). Thanks to this new plant, our maintenance and repair capacity will be doubled.
In line with the concept studies; Initially literature review was performed.

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