69 annually 1 million 500 thousand pounds maintenance for Ayaş Tunnel

📩 01/12/2018 16:32

Annual maintenance of 69 million 1 thousand liras for Ayaş Tunnel, which could not be done in 500 years: The Court of Accounts detected illegal practices in TCDD's tenders of millions of liras. The report also revealed that for the Ayaş Tunnel within the scope of the "Ankara-Istanbul Speed ​​Railway Project", for which 1 million dollars was spent only for the first part, the construction was unfinished.
In the report of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways, projects and tenders were examined. According to the report, the operating period of TCDD 2013 1 billion 280 million liras closed with the term loss. With the loss of previous years, the balance of the balance sheet was also realized as 9.5 billion liras. In the report, the Arifiye-Sincan Speed ​​Railway Project, which was planned to reach Istanbul via Ankara-Sincan-Çayırhan-Arifiye which was started to be built in 1976, but abandoned and left to its fate, was also examined. Unfinished project 1 of Çayırhan-Sincan. 730 million dollars were spent for the section. In addition, the construction of the remaining in the project for the remaining Tunnel of Tunnel in the year every year 1 million 500 thousand pounds maintenance maintenance costs continue to be specified. In the report, the expenses for the project and the maintenance and repair expenses of Ayaş Tunnel, which is carried out every year, have been prevented from becoming a public resource loss. It was emphasized that the project was useful in the re-examination.
'Liquidation must be examined'
According to the report, the project was prepared by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Directorate General of Infrastructure Investments and sent to TCDD in the Yerkoy-Sivas section project and construction work of Ankara-Sivas high-speed railway railway line, and the project was prepared without sufficient research and ground drilling surveys. The cost of the project was determined as 1.3 billion TL and the contract for the construction work contracted to 840 million TL was changed. Railway Line
The length has been reduced from 287.6 to 251.3 km. The tunnel length was increased from 10.6 to 41.9 km and from 2.7 km to 11.2 km. It was decided that the work contracted to 840 million pounds could not be completed with the contract price and the liquidation decision was taken. In this report the ministry
and asked to be investigated if necessary.
Tender without ground survey
It was determined that the necessary ground studies were not carried out in the Bursa-Yenişehir sub-sector work, which was tendered by TCDD to 393.2 million pounds. The route was changed after the project was signed. After the change, the contractor increased the prices of the tunnel work items, which gave higher unit prices than the approximate costs. The physical realization on the basis of kilometers remained at the level of 96, despite spending on the 13 of the contract price. Even before the 75 km of the 10 km line was completed, the contract price was reached. The business entered the liquidation process. The TCA asked the Ministry to carry out the necessary administrative and legal proceedings on the issue.

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