D-650 roadway landslide in Sakarya

Landslide on the D-650 highway in Sakarya: The landslide at the Balaban site of the D-650 highway in Sakarya has closed the access road of the Doğançay neighborhood. While the Gendarmerie took security measures in the area, the highways teams started the work to clear the mud puddle exceeding the 2 meter.
The landslide in the mountains on the roadside as a result of heavy rainfall at the Doğançay location of the D-650 highway for days, blocked the entrance and exit road to Doğançay District. Pieces of land that broke off from the mountains and flowed with the water broke down the barriers and flowed into the Sakarya River. The direction signs on the roads were under the mud puddle flowing to the road. While the gendarmerie teams took security measures on the way to prevent entry and exit from the neighborhood, highway teams started work to clean the mud accumulation that exceeds 2 meters in places.
Citizens who saw the landslide, “When I entered Doğançay'a Pamukova'dan found water. When the water found, I stopped a little while. Since the currents multiplied, I missed the car. Suddenly, multiplication did not happen, ”he said.

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