6 thousand people coming to Uludağ, which is planned according to 40 thousand people, is a big risk

It is a great risk for 6 thousand people to come to Uludağ, which is planned for 40 thousand people: The echoes of the 8-year-old Elif Uymuşlar, who was taken by his mother Ceyda Uymuşlar to Uludağ as a report card, continue to die as a result of a sled accident last Sunday. After Ceyda Uymuşlar's statement, “They forced us to slip there, they said it was forbidden to slide in the hotel area,” the eyes were turned once more. GÜMTOB President Haluk Beceren pointed out that there are 22 thousand bed capacity in 6 enterprises in Uludağ, “35-40 thousand people come to the summit at the weekend. While this place was planned, it was planned according to the hotels here. If you let so many people get 120 buses a day, a thousand-odd cars to come to the summit, I believe this will happen even more. ” said.

Haluk Beceren, Chairman of the Association of South Marmara Tourism and Hotel Operators Association (GÜMTOB) said, “The sled accident is an extremely unfortunate event, we do not want to experience such an accident. Unfortunately, such an accident occurred. According to what we learned, the accident occurred due to the family rented the sled outside the control area. This can happen anywhere, unfortunately, this event happened to us this year. Before that, before the control area, sledges were skiing on the ski slope, it was very dangerous. Now there is no sled on the ski slope. The control area is a place where people are under surveillance. Unfortunately, we are a society that tries to get out of there when people are told 'You are going to slide here,' we are the society that wants to break the bans. The young man, who disappeared two days ago, overcame all kinds of obstacles and entered the forest area and then made a fuss, saying "I got lost". Unfortunately, we are always experiencing these. ” said.


Drawing attention to the crowd in Uludağ, Haluk Beceren said: “It does not slide in the hotels area because there are no sled areas, there are ski areas, it is forbidden to enter there. Larger accidents can happen when skiers hit sledges. Our people have no way to walk. People walking by the road. There can be accidents in the crowd in a place with no pedestrian path. There was an incident saying I am coming. The cable car came to the hotels area. The number of people who climbed to the top with a cable car has increased tremendously. People are no longer carrying roads in Uludağ. We have to restrict people who come to Uludağ daily. If we do not restrict them, if you ask everyone to go to Uludağ as they wish; It is said that now. Unfortunately, there is no place for cars to move in Uludağ tomorrow, and unfortunately such accidents will continue to occur. Pedestrians or cable cars should have a certain percentage. If you put 50-60 thousand people in Uludağ per day, this place will normally be concentrated and there will be many events. But this should not be released in some way. Except for those who come to the hotels, excursions should be prevented when there is no parking place. The summit has a capacity of 22 thousand beds in 6 enterprises. 35-40 thousand people come to the summit at the weekend. While this place was planned, it was planned according to the hotels here. "If you let so many people get 120 buses a day, a thousand-odd car to come to the top, I believe this will happen even more."

Ercan Erdogan ski operator said, “We are very sorry, as tradesmen, we are very affected by this situation. People are coming, we want to slide. They say 'the child is dead in the sled, we don't ride'. There is a steep gap at the accident site, there was no protection. It gives' sled 'go, go, slide'. There is no control. ” he spoke. "We have been doing this for years, and it is not natural for a person working in the cable car companies to do this job," said İsmail Hakkı. Everyone has to do their own job. Such accidents occur when everyone does the work they do not know. The enterprise says in our allocation area and does everything it wants, and the municipality and the governorship should get it. A person working on the cable car ran the sled operation where the accident occurred. ” He spoke in the form.

Orhan Sarı also claimed that the accident occurred as a result of negligence. Sarı continued as follows: “We have been doing sled rental business here for 10 years, doing sled rental business, thank goodness we did not have an accident. Of course, we had a sad event. But in this accident there is really huge negligence. Our citizens who come down from the ropeway go there, thinking that there is a sled only, and those who are there intercept people. It's already forbidden. This is a legitimate business. No measures were taken, the net was not drawn. After the incident, the show net was drawn. When you go, the sled goes through that net again. There is no sled in the hotels area. This is the only sled place. They are trying to turn the incoming customer directly there and shift them in their own area. There is no precaution ”

The sled operator named Erkan Aytaş said, “The customer also has negligence. This is a legal runway, we have taken security measures. It's a very sad thing, it is really unscrupulous in your conscience. Our works are also affected, people are anxious, but our customers who know us are coming easily. ” said.

On the other hand, the investigation initiated by the Public Prosecutor's Office continues.