5 year imprisonment for illegal bridge action

5 year imprisonment request for illegal bridge action: 5 about 1 people, who were built for the HEPP project in Artvin, but were destroyed as a fugitive, is being sentenced to imprisonment for 5 years.
Artvin Arhavi'da wanted to be established in the city center within the scope of the Kavak HEPP project is a rare test of the spousal leakage.
18 to facilitate the transportation of the Kavak Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) project planned to be built into the city in Arhavi. The protest on the bridge that was leaked next to the Orci Bridge was moved to the judiciary. It is a first in the Kavak HEPP project, which is called as the HES crazy HES en in the public, because it is intended to be lowered into the city center.
31 2014 17 dated 5 of 1 dated March 5 of XNUMX on July XNUMX. The Arhavi Criminal Court of First Instance held the Arhavi Criminal Court of First Instance on the day of the indictment against the Arhavi public prosecutor's office.
Bridge destroyed
The defendant 5 said that they wanted to draw attention to the situation by taking action on the illegal bridge and said that they do not prevent anyone's freedom of work. The bridge in question was destroyed in November by the decision of Artvin Province Council on the grounds that it was' illegal and threatened the security of the people 's property and life'. After the collapse of the bridge within the scope of Kavak HEPP project, the Rize Administrative Court annulled the project's EIA report on the grounds that it was 'fraudulent and 19 was irregular at a different point'.

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