326 Million TL Double Road Work in Tokat

326 Million TL Double Road Work in Tokat: 4 km of highway connecting Tokat's gateway to the Black Sea and its 49 districts will cost 326 million TL.
The works started in 2013 on the road connecting the Black Sea to the Black Sea via Niksar-Ünye-Akkuş-Ordu, which connects Tokat to the districts of Erbaa, Niksar, Reşadiye and Başçiftlik. It is planned to complete the 49 kilometer road in the first stage of the road works, which are expected to be a significant alternative to the Black Sea's connection to Central Anatolia. With the launch of the project, it is planned to transform the physical and geometrical standards of the road with the new project by converting the existing surface-covered single-platform state road into a bituminous hot-mix coated split road. The route, which is experiencing difficult winter conditions, aims to minimize the accidents and deaths on the road that will facilitate transportation to important tourism and commercial centers with its fast and safe traffic flow. Doğuş Construction Project Manager Murat Küçükyoldaş who provided information about the road works that are going on in parallel with Yeşilırmak on the edge of Yeşilırmak, stated that the infrastructure works (culverts, water building passages, bridges) were completed in the 15 kilometer section. If our goal is not an annoyance, the next year at least 15 kilometers to make the traffic, our best goal is 25 kilometers. So from the entrance of Tokat to Gökdere's exit. We expect some land to be expropriated for the benefit of the public. Bazı
The road between the Tokat-Niksar will be recovered from the curves of the road will be a double, said Küçükyoldaş, ağ Sarıyaprak position and Dökse bend is completely removed. Rainy village from there to the main road without going up the hill. When the road is completed, 25 will be able to go to Niksar from Tokat with their vehicles. Approximately 10 mileage will be cut down, Yaklaşık he said.
The second stage Akkuş-Ünye will go to the tender that expresses Küçükyoldaş, Niksar-Akkus this year, Akkus will continue the tender at the end of the year, 140 kilometers to complete the road from the 1 hours to Tokat 15 minutes will be able to go to the Army, he added.

Günceleme: 21/12/2018 18:01

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