3. Driver imported from Vietnam to the airport

  1. Driver imported to the airport from Vietnam: Limak Holding President Nihat Özdemir said, “We placed a remarkable advertisement for the construction of the new airport, we could only get 85 people. "We will bring a driver from Vietnam."
    An interesting crisis is going on in the construction of the new airport built in Istanbul, which will become the world's largest airport. Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding, one of the consortium partners of the project, stated that they needed 750 truck drivers, but only 85 people applied for the job so far, they recruited all of them. Özdemir said: “Our truck orders are coming gradually. 300 trucks arrived in the first place. These trucks have to work two shifts. A total of 300-750 truck drivers are required for 800 trucks. We posted advertisements in newspapers to hire truck drivers. However, 82 people applied so far. Maybe more than 100, but it seems that we will not be able to find 800 truck drivers in a short time. "
    Emphasizing that this issue is extremely critical for the course of construction, Nihat Özdemir said, “Despite the advertisements, it seems that we cannot find enough truck drivers. One of our partners used Vietnamese truck drivers on a project in Libya and was very satisfied. With his suggestion, we applied to the relevant ministries and institutions to bring truck drivers from Vietnam, and we got the permits. "We will wait for a while and if we cannot find a truck driver, we will start to bring" 50 imported truck drivers ".
    Nihat Özdemir, in our question as to whether the truck drivers 'wages are low or they do not come,' said, “No, we definitely give much more than their income in the market. Just let them come, ”he said. Özdemir continued as follows: “Currently, 300 trucks work for us in our subcontractors. The driver is not a problem for them because they are already doing the job with driver. Apart from trucks, we also have great difficulty in finding dozer, roller and grader operators. Of course we do not want to bring elements from abroad, while unemployment in Turkey, but we may have to. "
    Stating that they made a purchase of 300 million Euros for 300 trucks and other machinery to be used in construction, Nihat Özdemir said, “This amount and this amount of purchase is the biggest purchase in the world. Because our construction will reveal the world's largest airport. Our trucks were produced by Volvo with 5 axles specially for us. Our regular truck drivers can also use these trucks. However, if necessary, we also provide additional training ”. When completed, the new airport, which is expected to employ more than 100 thousand personnel in total, will serve more than 500 airline companies with 6.5 aircraft capacity, 900 million square meters of apron area and 150 thousand square meters of main terminal size. There will be flights to nearly 400 points from the airport.
    Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of LİMAK Holding, emphasized that there is no disruption in the construction of the airport, that the new airport will make Turkey and Istanbul the most important center of world air traffic, and that they are working systematically to put the first phase into service on October 29, 2017 as planned. Cengiz, Mapa, Limak, Kolin and Kalyon consortium awarded the airport project tender. kazanhad been. Founded by this consortium, İGA (Istanbul Grand Airport) Airport Operations Inc. had set up a huge machinery park for ground works. This machine park, which costs 300 million Euros in total, includes 200 high-tonnage work trucks, 150 90-tonne excavators, 95 dozers, 70 graders, 75 loaders, 140 25-tonne weight rollers and similar equipment.
  2. Concrete construction begins at the airport. Concrete pouring is expected at the end of March at the 3rd airport, where drilling works continue. Nihat Özdemir, Chairman of the Board of Limak Holding, who is one of the partners of the project, stated that they increased the number of drillings and said, “Experiments are carried out. We will drill 3 thousand in total. Experiments and drilling are important to us as there will be no going back after filling. "We both increased the number of drilling and accelerated the drilling". Stating that there is no problem in the financing of the loan, Özdemir stated that they have obtained loans from local financial institutions and started to use the 750 million Euro tranche. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group gave the highest bid with 3 billion 2013 million Euros in the 3rd Airport Tender held on 22 May 152.

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