3. First step for airport metro

  1. The first step for the airport metro: 3. The 70-kilometer subway to be built at the airport and the high-speed train that will pass through the 3rd bridge; Marmaray will be integrated into the metrobus and existing metro line.
  2. A 70-kilometer metro will be built to facilitate access to the airport. The new metro will also be integrated with the existing metro network, Marmaray and metrobus. In addition, the 3rd Airport train station will be designed so that a new high-speed train line will be used by passing through the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which is under construction. The Ministry of Transport's General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments will hold a tender on January 3 for the preparation of Istanbul 16rd Airport rail system connection survey projects and engineering projects. According to preliminary studies, the 3rd Airport rail system, Gayrettepe metro and Halkalı to connect to the train stations. The railway line continues after the high-speed train Halkalı It will be projected in a form that can be used by the express train and high speed train to reach its station. Route studies will be carried out to ensure integration with transfer centers and urban rail system lines, and the appropriate route will be determined.
    A special study will be carried out for trains to be used in the project. Access to the airport will be minimized by determining it as the highest possible speed vehicle. The car's cabin appearance will be aerodynamically visible, giving a high-speed train silhouette. Five alternative designs will be developed. Special space for disabled people in the vehicle interior design. In addition, arrangements will be made to ensure practical use of luggage passengers. 3. Airport rail system projects will be completed in one year.


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