3. Airport and 3. work on the bridge does not know to stop

  1. The works on the airport and the 3rd bridge are not stopping: 2 biggest projects in the history of the Republic gained speed in 2014. Undoubtedly, it marked the 3rd bridge and the 3rd airport in the most important investments in the history of the Republic. The construction of the 3rd bridge, which is still being built in the Bosphorus, started on 560 May 29, the 2013th anniversary of the conquest of Istanbul, with a ceremony attended by the President of the time, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and many ministers. The 59-meter bridge, named “Yavuz Sultan Selim”, was designed as the largest suspension bridge in the world with its width. 8 lanes are reserved for highway and 2 lanes for High Speed ​​Train. Transport Minister Lütfi Elvan said in his statement: “We have a 95-kilometer highway with this third bridge. We have North Marmara Highway work and we continue this intensely. There are 35 viaducts in our project. We have 106 underpasses. We make 205 culverts. We are building two tunnels with a total length of 1200 meters. We finished the entire Riva tunnel. There is no delay regarding the project. Our goal is to open on October 29, 2015 ”.
    The world's largest airport is coming
    Another huge project of Turkey Date 3. The airport's foundations were laid in June in a ceremony also attended by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The first stage of the project, scheduled to open on October 29, 2017, Turkey will have the world's largest airport. The airport, built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters, will provide employment for 80 thousand people when completed. When all parts of the 3rd airport are completed in 2018, it will have a carrying capacity of 150 million passengers and will cost 10 billion 247 million euros. When the new airport is completed, it will consist of facilities such as 4 separate terminal buildings, 8 control towers, an apron with a capacity of 500 aircraft parks, an indoor and outdoor car park with a capacity of 70 thousand vehicles, where the transportation between the terminals is carried out by a rail system. Limak-Kolin-Cengiz-Mapa-Kalyon Joint Venture Group made the highest bid for the 25-year lease price in the third airport tender to Istanbul, with 22 billion 152 million euros plus VAT.




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