The Allegation of "Freezing to Death" regarding the accident in which 21 people lost their lives

The Allegation of “Freezing Dead” Regarding the Accident Where 21 People Lost Their Lives: It was alleged that in the bus accident in which 21 people lost their lives in Kayseri, the rescue vehicles reached the scene 8 hours later and the people who were under the bus freeze to death.
Road-Work Secretary Şaban Çekil brought up a shocking allegation about the accident in Kayseri, where 21 people died. “The subcontractor did not have a snow knife and a salt tool. Highways' 1 salt vehicle was not enough for that big road. It cost 21 lives, ”he said.
The firm's lawyer said, “The governorship and district governorship also has a fault. According to the Gendarmerie report, the wounded was released eight hours later. Eight hours later, people freeze to death under the bus. Those who died are buried without autopsy so that it is not understood that they died by freezing. " found in the description.
On January 23, 2014, 21 people died and 22 were injured in a traffic accident that took place near the Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri, when a passenger bus from Istanbul to Muş was overturned. It was claimed that the accident, which occurred due to the bus driver losing control of the steering wheel due to the snow and its type, was due to the negligence of the subcontractor company, which took the job of fighting snow and road cleaning.
Road-Business Ankara Branch No. 1, captured rationalize Secretary of Saban, Turkey general said snow-fighting work of the subcontractors could lead to major fatal accident to the administration. Get off, “I'm afraid of mass deaths. Because how quickly did we forget the incident that killed 21 people in Kayseri last year for this reason? The subcontractor company in Kayseri received the tender on January 1, 2014. He was supposed to take office immediately. Highways, on the other hand, was not allowed to work because the subcontractor in question won the tender, as it did not have snow-fighting equipment such as snow blades and salt vehicles. Instead of the subcontractor company that won the tender, only 1 salt vehicle belonging to the Highways was assigned. Would 1 salt car be enough for such a big road? The next situation is known. It cost 21 lives, ”he said.
Stating that the falling snow is the first snow, Çekil said, “These people cannot do this job. The subcontractor company is very insufficient in terms of winter conditions and snow. Highways workers consider people's health. The world of the subcontractor, everything is money. Highways don't think about money. He provides public service. How do I earn more money is the only concern of the subcontractor? He does not think about anyone's life, ”he said.
Pınarbaşı Public Prosecutor's Office failed to complete the investigation of the accident in question one year later. Emre Ayan, the lawyer of the firm, described the omissions in the accident as follows:
“The road with the accident has been raised very high while building. The vehicle slips and falls down anyway. There are no protective barriers and iron plates on the road. There is no activity such as snow fighting or salting on the road. The main thing is the shortcomings in recovery after the accident. The crane arriving at the scene is not enough. A second crane is requested. According to the Gendarmerie reports, 8 hours after the incident, the second crane from Gürün arrives at the scene. This shows that the road is closed and there is no snow clear operation on the road.
The governorship and district governorship also have a mistake. According to the Gendarmerie report, the wounded was released eight hours later. Eight hours later, people freeze to death under the bus. ” Stating that he wanted an autopsy after the incident, lawyer Ayan said, “But they do not do autopsy. They say he died as a result of trauma. If they do an autopsy, it will be revealed that they freeze to death. Burials are carried out without the need for classical autopsy. Also, this is the Silk Road, which connects the east to Ankara. Should this be the way? " He spoke in the form.
DİSK President Kani Beko criticized the statement made by the Ministry of Transport by giving figures. Beko said, “There are cases of thousands of subcontracted workers opened for the Highways. If so many people are at the beginning of their jobs and they are doing all the work, why are there so many cases against the Highways? They are suing them that they employ as subcontractors. Anyway, the court found the Highways to be unfair for employing subcontractor workers. The AKP government enacted a law called the basic law of public administration. He handed over the Highways to subcontractors under the state administration. These subcontractors are not well-versed either. They have no experience. They fired years of experienced and experienced employees. They handed it over to subcontractors. The subcontractor only thinks of his wife ”.
Mazhar Özkan, one of the partners of the company, stated that it is very difficult for 21 people to die in such an accident. Özkan said, “At the point of the accident, there was neither marking nor salting anything on the roads. Highways had a maintenance center there. We went to this place that had to fight the snow for help. There were no people inside. There was also no tool to help properly in the care center. Then they put all sin on us. The tires were not winter tires, they were fast. All of these allegations are lies. These lies negatively affected our business activities. "Nobody talked about the highways that they did not take precautions on the roads, they did not salting."
Driver Ertuğrul Karasu, who made the accident, explained that they tried to travel in snow and storm at the time of the accident and said, “At that time, it is a snow storm. I was driving at a speed of 68 kilometers. There were no signs or salting on the roads. I did not come across a single vehicle of the Highways on the way. In the accident, the bus lay on its side, we dragged down. When the bus rolled over, people were trapped under the bus. Look at those who died, those who died with head injuries are only one or two. People froze to death there. The rescuer could barely come after 5 hours, ”he said.
Sirri Sakık, former Muş Deputy of the BDP, went to the accident site with Ak Party Muş Deputy Faruk Işık after the accident. Sakık brought the negligence about the accident to the agenda of the Assembly and said the following at that time: “There are serious claims that these people freeze to death after the accident. These claims need to be investigated. He died hours after the ambulances left, when the crane left but was knocked down 5 hours later.
In fact, it is the allegation of relatives, company owners, relatives from Muş; "When we came from Muş, there were bodies and people under the bus." Kayseri is 6-7 hours away from Muş. The citizen who came out of Muş and came to Kayseri, unfortunately, could not go to Pınarbaşı from Kayseri. It's a huge claim. "



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