2015 Abundance at Davraz Ski Center

Davraz Ski Center in 2015 Abundance: Davraz which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts of the 3 out of the 2 hotels in the center reach one hundred percent occupancy rate in the New Year as well as the weekend has seen interest in the daily 4 thousand visitors.

Which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts and the New Year at one hundred percent occupancy rate reached Davraz 3 out of 2 hotel is located in the center, he saw thousands of visitors interested in the 4-day weekend.

Şakir Gündem, the managing director of Sirene Davraz Hotel, which is located on the skirts of Davraz Ski Center with an altitude of 2 thousand 635 in the east of Isparta, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the snow thickness is 1 in the 2st and 25nd stages of the center and the third stage is the closest to the summit. He said he had reached 3 centimeters.

22 kilometers, 13 ski slopes indicating that all of the open Agenda, 4 mechanical line thanks to skiers can ski near the summit said.

Those who want to ski and snowboard prefer the runways, the families of the slopes of the hotels with the ones who left the sled Gündem, so that the number of visitors at the weekend reached 4 thousand said.

Stating that 3 of the 2 hotels in the center are open at the beginning of the year and these hotels have reached a hundred percent occupancy rate, Gündem said that 2015 started well for them and they hope to continue in this way.