175 paid rent for Istanbul and Izmir

He paid $ 175 million in lease payments for Istanbul and Izmir: Transport Minister Elvan, who attended TAV's lease ceremony, said, "With DHMI's 18 public-private sector projects, $ 8 billion will enter the safe."
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AIRPORT business in a global marödk to become TAV Airports Holding, Turkey's entrance to Istanbul's Ataturk Airport and the Aegean shooting point dish Izmir Adnan Menderes total 174 million 647 thousand 444 dollars that commitment DHMİ to Airport + KDV rent paid the price.
Turkey market is growing
Minister Elven, in his speech at the ceremony held for lease payments, "Turkey is the leading country in the world in the public-private sector cooperation. Only 18 projects of DHMI were realized within this scope. The $ 8 billion share will enter the state's safe. So far, more than $ 2 billion has entered ”. Drawing attention to the TAV example in his speech, Minister Elvan said: “One of the world's leading companies in airport construction and operation. In the meetings we held in many countries, they say, 'Turks built this airport, Turks operate this airport'. We are all proud of that. We attach great importance to public-private cooperation and we will continue. ”
In his speech, TAV Airports Chief Executive Officer M. Sani Şener said, “We opened Atatürk Airport on January 9, 2000 and it has been 15 years. Today, as TAV, we operate 14 airports on our journey from here. It makes six airports. Our service companies also operate at 33 airports. In other words, as TAV, we are at 53 airports around the world. ”
MINISTER Elvan also attended the 'CEO Meeting' meeting. In his speech, Elvan said, “We will connect Istanbul via high speed train from Edirne to Kapıkule. We will be put out to tender in 2015. As of today, we have been awarded the tender for Mersin-Adana high speed train. We will also go on high-speed train line tenders from Adana to Osmaniye, Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa in 2015 ”. Expressing that an airport will be built with three, Elvan said, “We will open the Ordu-Giresun airport in March. In May, Rize, Yozgat airports will come from behind Hakkari airport, and we are planning to build an airport in Thrace ”.
What will be Ataturk Airport?
MINISTER Elvan, upon the question about what would be the situation of Atatürk Airport after the 3rd airport was put into operation in Istanbul, said, “When the 3rd airport is activated, all the flights will be made at Atatürk Airport, except for scheduled flights. Turkey grows, both Ataturk Airport, Sabiha Gokcen both, both are going to need a third airport, "he said.
We switch to 4G by the end of the year
MINISTER Elven, said ett continued: "Information and communication sector, the average growth rate of 5 times Turkey is growing rapidly. There is a very high increase in the number of mobile subscribers. Our underground fiber optic network infrastructure has reached 240 thousand kilometers. We will take measures to strengthen the fiber infrastructure. In 2015, we will go on 4G tender. At the end of the first three months of 2015, we spend overtime on the way to tender. I think we will be upgraded to 2015G at the end of 4. ”


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