At the weekend 10 transports thousands of people to Uludağ

At the weekend 10 transported a thousand people to Uludag: the cable car, which started to serve again to Bursa with its renewed face, delivered 10 thousand visitors to white heaven at the weekend with the commencement of the semester break.
Bursa Teleferik General Manager Burhan Ozgum, white wrapped in Turkey's visitors to the economic, environmentally friendly, comfortable, safe and fast transportation of the cable car, said that they were happy to prefer the ropeway.
Bursa's favorite winter tourism center Uludağ has recently taken white with the snow and thousands of people flocked to Uludağ from inside and outside the city.
Those who came to Uludağ preferred the cable car which is one of the symbols of Bursa and started to serve with its renewed face.
Bursa Teleferik Inc. General Manager Burhan Ozgum, today is the world's most popular means of transportation in the world especially by pointing rope transportation, ın As in other parts of the world, the ropeway in Bursa, economic, environmentally friendly, comfortable, safe for visitors who want to go to Uludag and most importantly a fast means of transportation. Recently, snow turned Uludag into a white paradise. In this sense, the ropeway provides a delightful cruise with the view it offers to those coming from inside and outside the city. On the other hand, the flotation of visitors to Uludağ started with the semester holiday. This intense interest in white heaven was reflected in the ropeway. Only the end of the week 10 thousand people moved to Uludag. It is gratifying that our visitors prefer us as a means of transportation. Ziyaret
From the cable car station Teferrüç station to the hotel region in a short time such as 22 minutes reached, 8 comfortable cabins in the personality of the journey was expressed Özgümüş, the longest cable car in the world of Bursa Teleferik'ın social venues filled the eye, he said.

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