Holiday resorts on New Year's holidays ski resorts

On holiday, holidaymakers' ski resorts: Those who want to spend their holidays in the popular centers of winter tourism can make a holiday with 25-30 discount with their early booking campaigns.

While winter tourism is made with higher budgets than sea, sand and sun tourism, daily accommodation costs in facilities are early booking discount and 9 months in 60 installments vary between 990 and XNUMX.

The prices of the 4 and 5 star hotels at the seaside are as high as 70 pounds during the early booking period, while the number of facilities for winter tourism is not enough and the number of the ski resorts is higher.

Alternative to entering the new year in the ski resort

The holidaymakers who want to spend their holidays in the ski resorts by knowing the new year are offered the opportunity to participate in many activities such as snowmobile, skiing, sledding.

While Uludağ, one of the important centers of winter tourism, is more popular than other regions during the winter months, with the effect of demand, more prices are requested from other centers for accommodation in Uludağ.

Denizli Bozdağ, Kocaeli Kartepe, Kastamonu Ilgaz, Çankırı Kadınçayırı, Aksaray Hasandağ, Ankara Elmadağ, Mersin Kartalkaya and Karboğazı Antalya Akseki and Akdağ, Erzincan Ergan, Bursa Uludağ, Erzurum Palandöken, Kars Sarıkamış, Muğla Erendağ, Malatya Yamadağı, İzmir, Samsun Akdağ, There are facilities suitable for winter sports in Bayburt Kopdağ, Ardahan Uğurludağ, Istanbul, Bitlis Sapgör, Sivas Yıldızdağı, Kayseri Erciyes, Artvin Kafkasör, Trabzon Zigana, Çakırgöl and Süleymaniye.

Especially Uludağ, Kartepe, Ilgaz, Palandöken and Erciyes stand out during the New Year's Eve holiday, but other facilities also offer accommodation with appropriate numbers. Figures start from 75 pounds per person to 200 pounds. 85-90 liraya holiday options are also available for those who are planning New Year's Eve holiday.

Bed capacity is increasing day by day

The biggest problem in winter tourism, which can be realized with higher budgets compared to sea tourism, is the lack of facility and bed capacities. prepared to address the problem of sectoral Turkey Tourism Stratejisi'yl in 2023, the tourism policy of the season and all year round to spread the work being carried out in order to meet the changing demands of tourism.

In this context, Turkey Tourism identified in the Strategy "Winter Tourism Corridor" (Erzincan, Erzurum, Agri, Kars and Ardahan) winter sports and the development of tourism centers in these provinces during the study primarily in progress.

48 of the 28 potential winter tourism areas identified in the research and investigation conducted throughout the country with the activities carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the General Directorate of Youth and Sports were declared as winter tourism centers.

Currently, the bed capacity that can serve for winter tourism is 9 thousand 549, but with the realization of the planned, this number will increase to 78 thousand 645 and the accommodation fees will be further reduced.