Young people and middle-aged people prefer YHT

YHT 's prefer the very young and the middle-aged: the day it was implemented in Turkey in high demand during the period to date and number of passengers increasing day by day High Speed ​​Train (YHT) to travel attracts most women pay attention to choice.

In the 2009 its activities in the Republic of Turkey State Railways High Speed ​​Rail site (YHT) to both comfort and since that day he was among the economically indispensable in transportation. YHT, who first moved to Ankara from Eskisehir on the 13 on 2009 March 09.40, was the Prime Minister of the time, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Konya and Konya-Eskişehir have recently linked Ankara and Istanbul. The passenger profile of YHT, which continues its passenger transportation at an average speed of up to 250 per hour, draws attention. One of the most important projects of the AK Party Government and 7'dan 77'ye providing excellent service to everyone about the passenger profile of the High Speed ​​Train in the surveys, this comfort is preferred by more women are exposed. According to the surveys; 60 is the percentage of passengers traveling with YHT, while 40 is made up of men.

On the other hand, the age profile of travelers traveling with HRC is also remarkable. In the latest surveys, when looking at the age range of the passengers who choose YHT, it is seen that young and middle-aged people are the most injured. According to the surveys; The 76 of the passengers traveling with YHT is in the 18-44 age range, in which case most of the 44 age and above citizens do not meet the comfort of YHT, or they cannot give up the road habits.

7's 77, which explains why they prefer YHT at Eskişehir Train Station, pointed out that many women are very important in terms of winning time due to the speed of the High Speed ​​Train, and another reason for their preference is comfort and safety.

About Levent Ozen
Every year, high-speed rail sector, the European leader in the growing Turkey. Investments in railways, which take this speed from high-speed trains, continue to increase. In addition, with the investments made for transportation in the city, the stars of many of our companies making domestic production shine. It is proud that Turkish high-speed tren national train ”production has been started in addition to the companies producing domestic tram, light rail and subway vehicles. We are very happy to be in this proud table.

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