Yenimahalleye Second Ropeway Line Coming

Yenimahalleye Second Cable Car Line is Coming: Under the construction work of the cable car line between Yenimahalle-Şentepe, which was built by the Metropolitan Municipality, the guide ropes were taken with the help of helicopters.

EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu, completed the first phase of the cable car line is used as for the first time in public transport in Turkey recalling that serve since June, construction work is reported that rapid progress 1800 meters in length Yanimahall to-Şentepe cable car line xnumx.etab of the completion rate 2 percent .

Tahiroğlu stated that the construction works on the cable car line continued uninterruptedly. A more important step was taken in the stage, and a specially trained pilot from abroad said that the helicopters were used by the helicopter.

Stating that the Yenimahalle-Şentepe ropeway line consists of two stages, Tahiroğlu said:

Ik 1400 1800 meter long 2, which is the continuation of the 3 meter long cable car line. After the stage ropeway line is in service, they will travel in a total area of ​​200 thousand XNUMX meters.

EGO General Manager Necmettin Tahiroğlu, single-station 2. Emphasizing that the construction of the stage will be completed as soon as possible, he gave the following information about the system:

“We have realized a very important stage of the project. 1. 2 which is the continuation of the stage cable car line. Stage ropes in the stage of the ropeway. 2 consisting of one station. We worked with a specially trained pilot from abroad to shoot guide ropes between 10 mast in the stage lift system. With the help of the helicopter used by the pilot who was trained especially for these works, the withdrawal process of the ropes was completed by an hourly study of 2. A technical team at the place carried out a delicate study. After this process, steel ropes will be installed on the guide ropes and the third stage will be mounted on the ropes. Then our test drives will begin. Sonra


Tahiroğlu stressed that the disabled, elderly and children travel with ease and in confidence with the ropeway system that serves as free of charge. Yenimahalle metro station will be the first station of the cable car with the completion of the last and second stage of transportation to the center of the center will be provided by the air, Tel he said.

Tahiroğlu noted that the second stage of Yenimahalle-Şentepe cable car line, which will be completed in a short time, will consist of 4 stops and 106 cabins. Each cabin 3 will enter a station per second. 250-2 travel time by bus or special vehicles will take you to 400 minutes by ropeway. 15 minutes of metro time is added to the 25 in the minute to find the journey between Kızılay and Şentepe approximately 30 will be completed in minutes. The cabins are equipped with camera systems and mini screens. In addition, the living room was heated with underfloor heating. Ayrıca



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