Bingölde Superstructure Works Percentage 90 Completed

Bingölde Superstructure Works Percentage 90 Completed: Asphalt works of Bingöl Municipality within the scope of superstructure works have been completed.
The pavement and paving stone paving works were completed significantly. 4 will be completed in 2015 due to seasonal conditions.
The superstructure construction work in the city was largely completed. Important parts of the city were covered with bituminous hot mix asphalt material, pavements were built in non-pavement neighborhoods and roads were laid with locked paving stones.
Mayor of Bingöl, Yücel Barakazi, who provided information about the superstructure works, stated that the superstructure was an investment for the next generations. floor asphalt works have been completed, a significant part of the city also completed the laying of hardwood flooring work expressed. Mayor Barakazi stated that they have made an improvement in the percentage of 2 in their superstructure works.
Stating that the superstructure works that could not be raised in 4 neighborhoods due to seasonal conditions will be completed in 2015, Mayor Barakazi said, “Thank you, we have completed our superstructure works to a great extent. People of Bingöl suffered a lot. We get rid of the troubles one by one. We are happy in this. Bingöl is rapidly progressing towards becoming a modern city. Until the end of 2013, our city center Kültür, İnalı, Simani, Karşıyaka, Superstructure road and pavement works have been done in our Saray Neighborhoods. In 2014, superstructure road and pavement works were carried out in our city center Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Yenişehir, Mirzan, Yenimahalle, Bahçelievler and Yeşilyurt Neighborhoods. The remaining parts of Simani, Şehit Mustafa Gündoğdu, Yenimahalle and Mirzan Neighborhoods will be built in 2015 within the scope of their work. Within the scope of the project, the main arteries were completed as hot mix asphalt with bituminous and binder and wear layers were made with BSK asphalt according to the project of all our main streets. In all of our neighborhoods within the scope of the project, the road and pavement construction works with locked paving stones have been completed to a great extent. With the superstructure works, we will not have any neighborhoods without a sidewalk. In 2014, we poured 280 thousand square meters of bituminous hot mix asphalt as part of our work. Again, in our avenues and streets, 110 thousand square meters of pavement and 320 thousand square meters of road were paved with locked paving stones. Panoramic handicapped elevators of 3 overpasses within the scope of the project have been put into operation. In order to ensure the regular course of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, a traffic signaling system has been set up at 6 intersections in the city center and put into operation. Again, ramps for the disabled have been created within the scope of pavement works for the benefit of our disabled citizens. Our city is changing, improving and advancing day by day. Our aim is to work for a more modern, beautiful and livable Bingöl. "I would like to thank our citizens for their patience and understanding in the disruption of infrastructure, superstructure and other services."




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