2 police officers killed in Adana subway station control company officers on trial

In Adana, 2 police officers killed in the subway station control firm are on trial: A lawsuit was filed against 2 people working in the control firm of the subway construction related to the death of 8 police officers flying to the subway stop in ADANA.

37 UM 01 license plate under the guidance of police officer 074 of 15, who was in charge of the Protection of Sensitive Zones, flew at Fatih Metro Station on Mücahitler Street without any precautions at the entrance of 2010 December 20. Approximately 27 meters down to the underground stairways flying to the station and the car returned to scrapping. Emre Gildir XNUMX police officer in the accident with the driver Ozder police officer in the Baglar Bağlar lost their lives.


After the incident, the investigation started after the Adana 3 Magistrates' Court in the Adana Metropolitan Municipality Nermin Akray and Mebruh Kurtulgan on charges of 'abuse of office' was opened. As a result of the trial, the penalty imposed on the 2 official was postponed. Expert examination, the lack of necessary and the necessary measures taken without interruption of the project responsible for carelessness and carelessness of the death of the 2 police officer stated that the main defectives.


The court judge also filed a criminal complaint to the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the control firm's officers. Public prosecutor who prepared the indictment while initiating an investigation on the criminal complaint, the traffic patterns and safety of the roads in the vicinity of Fatih Station were not provided; not to be marked and removed, the road structure and the lack of marking the prosecutor, the engineers demanded that they be banned from the profession.


The project manager Metin K., supervisors Mehmet Ö., Gökhan İ., Civil engineers Celal K., Engin S., Bahattin A., electrical engineer Suat T. and operation engineer Ömer E. to the 15 up to 7 every year, the court filed a lawsuit. All the defendants, who were tried without arrest, said that they did not accept the prepared expert report and claimed that these deficiencies were the responsibility of the municipality. The court postponed the hearing to eliminate the deficiencies.

Günceleme: 30/11/2018 18:35

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