Governor and President Traveled in Tram

Governor and Mayor made a journey in the tram: Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, Governor Ibrahim Sahin during the exams along with the citizens went to ride on the tram.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz examined the ongoing investments and projects to be implemented in Samsun, together with Governor İbrahim Şahin. Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz first had breakfast at Amisos Cafe with Governor İbrahim Şahin. Then Mayor Yılmaz got behind the wheel and examined the coastal road project on Adnan Menderes Boulevard with Governor Şahin in his office car. Later, Mayor Yılmaz and Governor Şahin took the tram at the rail system Ondokuz Mayıs University Station and traveled with the citizens. With citizens traveling on the tram sohbet The Governor and the President then visited SAMULAŞ General Directorate Rail System Maintenance and Repair Units and got information from SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan.
Governor Şahin and Chairman Yılmaz visited the Metropolitan Municipality Natural Stone Elements Production Factory after their visit. They then studied the new road works for industrial facilities in Toybelen.
Samsun Water and Sewerage Administration (SASKİ) Samsun East Advanced Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant Governor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz, who traveled with Governor Sahin, said: In the field of responsibility, we made a series of investigations including projections and future plans. We visited together to examine these services and the works for these services and to get their valuable findings and suggestions. We recently visited Samsun's Wastewater Treatment Plant. Our Waste Water Treatment Plant was completed at the end of a two-year construction and manufacturing process. This facility has been borrowed from the European Investment Bank and some other credit institutions, with a cost between about 30 and 35 million euros. 105 is a facility which has a capacity of one thousand cubic meters per day, which is close to the water currently consumed by Samsun. Thankfully, this facility, which has been made to the most modern, most ambitious, most environmentally friendly countries of the world, was put into service in the last 6 month. Dün
Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yilmaz said that the official opening of the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be carried out. We will officially put into service with the participation of our Prime Minister and our ministers. Taflan'dan until no place on the coast of the 43 miles have not been treated, not tested, untreated water never poured into the sea never. In addition to this, I have tried to inform our Governor about all the preparations related to the activities which will carry our city to the 2017 Olympics in the coming days towards the sports infrastructure in other transportation projects. Thanks to them, they took time to contribute to this study. I received suggestions, in this direction, our city will move to the future, "he said.
GOVERNOR: AT The work done does not explain well VAL
Ibrahim Sahin, the Governor of Samsun who has made various investigations, said:, We saw the planned and planned construction and the places that are being built, especially in the center of Samsun. I would especially like to thank our mayor. One of the things I noticed from this side, since I came to Samsun, the recent studies in Samsun have not been well explained. Samsun is a very modern and lived city on the Western scale. After we had breakfast, we especially visited the coastline by car. It took us almost half an hour. such a long distance that probably no other city in Turkey, especially get a coastal strip that you can walk around on foot without any obstacles. This is something to brag about. Of course, the part of the part that is still under construction is now twice. When it's finished, 15-20 as a kilometer. Whoever wants to walk is a ground where he can easily use foot traffic. From there, we used the light rail system, this system works in very small province in Turkey. Especially we have seen the light rail system imported from Italy and imported from China. From there we went to Natural Stone Production Facilities. I'm very impressed. There is probably no such facility in another municipality, Her he said.
Providing information about the planned golf course in Samsun, Sahin, said: 'I hope Samsun as soon as possible to win a golf course we're experiencing his excitement. The Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality has a place on the Wednesday. We have instructed our friends about it. In order for the field to be delivered to the golf course as soon as possible, the processes to be carried out in order to produce a golf course are carried out by our commissions. After doing the work here, we will pass the subject to Ankara. With the necessary permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Agriculture in Ankara, we will be presenting the golf course to golf lovers, Samsun, our country, even world golfers very quickly with the contribution of our Youth Sport Minister. '
Then, Yilmaz and Governor Sahin surveyed the planned golf course location in Akçatarla neighborhood of Çarşamba district. During their visit, Governor Şahin and President Yılmaz took a daily lamb from the 20.



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