Asphalt Paving at the University

Asphalt Paving at the University Completed: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, Inonu University completed the road maintenance and asphalting works carried out in the campus.
As a result of the studies carried out by the Directorate of Road and Infrastructure Coordination of Metropolitan Municipality, a hot asphalt pavement of 3.5 km was built in İnönü University campus.
Maintenance and repair work was carried out on all roads within the University by the asphalt patching teams of the Metropolitan Municipality.
Asphalt pavement teams passing through the trambus line, starting from Turgut Ozal Medical Center, passing through the University and up to the road of Malatya Elazig 2400 meter-long 9 meter-wide road was first dug by the milling machine, after the leveling was made asphalt pavement was made according to the standards.
The 800 meter-long road leading to TOKİ housing built on the upper side of the university was also paved with a paver.

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