Description of the Truck from the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications

Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry of TR Description: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry announced that Turkey and the continuing negotiations in order to resolve the problems related to developments in the field of road transport in Iran.
Transport, the statement made by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications, Turkey and stating that Iran in road transport necessary to make a statement on developments in the field, "As is known, Iran, was to take a charge Turkey under the fuel price difference name of the vehicle. In order to prevent unfair competition, our Ministry has decided to apply the same wage to Iranian vehicles as of October 10. Ası
Lastly, the Iranian side of the 1 started to implement the application of entering the Iranian fuel with the amount of fuel fuel as far as sealing the Turkish vehicles in December. However, because the Iranian side does not constitute the necessary infrastructure of the application and does not provide information about the details of the application, there have been long truck tails at the Gürbulak border gate Ancak.

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