Tramway from Tutus

Tram Stop from Tutus: Muharrem Tutus, AKP Izmit District Manager, added a new one to his promises.

Tutuş, who is also a chairman of the youth branch, draws attention with his different approaches and continues this position when he is a member of the district executive board.

As it is known, the route of the tram, which was planned to be held in our province, was announced and the construction stages were shared with the public.

After this ceremony, Tutuş said, “Our tram route has been announced. Of course, it passes through Yahyakaptan, good luck. What is the Tram that our residents gave to our party? I expect action and uprising. ”

Yahya Kaptan District is known as the castle of the CHP.

Tutus, a humor, 'You did not vote for us, but we're bringing you a tram' he wanted to say.

He even suggested that he went further and anticipated even for this to happen.

Let's see if Yahya captains will make a comment on this statement.

We'il wait together.




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