3. Grand Junction is Tosya Turkey's progress

3. Grand Junction is Turkey's progress Tosya: made statements about Turkey's 3rd largest Corum junction interchange, which will be examined in the studies work place quickly sürüyor.kavşak Mayor Kazim Sahin intersection. Corum Intersection of Turkey's 3rd largest junction is said that the President transmits to the journalist Shahin, "Interchange project is a vision of our county. When this intersection is completed, the way for Yeni Tosya will be cleared.
The city trapped above is going down. The underside of the road will be opened. The work is currently under way on Iskilip Road. From D-100 Highway to Cultural Center, Iskilip Road will be a two-way road. 4 meters of the code will be raised and the city's wastewater will be pumped through the two roads to the waste water treatment plant. In the second phase, the construction of the intersection will be closed and the passage of the bus terminal and Tosya Vocational School to the intersection will be closed and the upper passageway will be given next to the carpet. In the three-phase intersection project, after the completion of the works at the current intersection, the second intersection will be made right next to it.
At the intersection that will be made as a printout, vehicles coming from Istanbul direction or from Samsun direction will continue on their way without seeing the vehicles coming from İskilip Road and the City Center. . Because D-100 will be the only link to the highway through the intersection. With the completion of the intersection, the bus station will lose its function and the bus station will be transported to the edge of the D-100 Highway in Istanbul. 100 year in front of our district in the new bus station to be built in accordance with Tosya, 50 will be capable of serving years. Our aim is to be made according to the University because it is the University of Devrez.
In the section to the left of the Iskilip Road, we will allocate how much land we can allocate for the university. We're not looking out for the university. As the existing entrance of Tosya Vocational School will be closed with the completion of the intersection, we will enter the entrance of the school from the back passage. With the construction of the road under construction, the city trapped downwards and Tosya will be reconstructed. We are working on reconstructing Tosya with our vision projects. I hope God will become the preferred place of living. İn
Description of the then President Sahin told reporters that traverses the intersection xnumx.nc to Turkey, which will be built as a three-step underlining the great crossroads of accidents will be avoided; Için Our projects are for 3 year after year for 50 year. This made 100 year, 50 year should be able to meet the needs of our district. As Municipality we have to act in the future years in our projects. We are trying to make the best service for our city to be livable and preferable, '' he said.



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