Turkish signature on the Iranian subway

Turkish signature to the Iranian metro: Iran started to give the most important infrastructure projects to the Turks. Following the 300-kilometer highway project, Ankara-based Bergiz Construction will construct the Tabriz Metro Line of 850 million dollars.

Having a hard time due to the embargoes imposed by the West for years, Iran entered a new process with the moderate President Hasan Ruhani, who came to power. Tehran is seeking to increase economic cooperation in the global arena, doing major projects with Turkey. Following the 300-kilometer highway project, Iran has now entrusted its most important work in the infrastructure to the Turks. Iran gave the Tabriz Metro Line project to Bergiz Construction from Ankara. Bergfu Construction Board Member Berfu Tutumlu said that the metro line will be built for 850 million dollars. We want to deliver the project in 2017. A delegation from Iran led by Deputy Governor of Tabriz Province came last week and they examined our work. ”

Reminding that Ankara-based Bergiz Construction undertook the construction of the Tabriz-Bezirgan highway, one of the most important highway projects in Iran, Berfu Tutumlu said, “We signed the 255-km highway project with Iran. The price of the project, which will be implemented with the build-operate-transfer model, will be approximately 1 billion dollars. With the construction of the subway, the total cost in 2 projects reaches $ 1.8 billion. ”

The Turkish and Iranian side established a joint company for the road project between Tabriz and Bezirgan. Bergiz İnşaat will have a 65 percent share in the newly established company, while the rest will be undertaken by the Iranian Road Ministry. Bergiz İnşaat, founded in 1975, has more than a thousand employees.



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